Bar exam strategy

I’ve decided to take the Colorado Bar Exam for the third time. I thought about just taking another state’s bar exam, but by the time the bar results came out for Colorado, the application deadline for most states had passed. Only a couple of states are still open, but my problem is the damn MBE, not the state portion. Even if I took another state’s bar exam I’d still have to take the MBE. I don’t need the added stress of studying the laws of a brand new state in addition to the MBE when I already know Colorado law and can do well on the essays and MPT, so I can just focus on the MBE.

Plus, there’s only 2 months left until the next bar exam, and I don’t have time to fill out all the application stuff, background check, et cetera when Colorado already has all my information. Colorado gave until May 31 for unsuccessful February 2007 examinees to apply for the July 2007 bar exam, so at least I have time.

Anyway, I need to come up with a new strategy for the MBE. Obviously my strategy last time completely and utterly backfired on me since my MBE dropped 10 points! My friends said I should take PMBR and that it really helped them a lot. They also suggested that I take it right before the bar exam since they give you a full-length MBE and then go over the answers. I haven’t taken PMBR before but I bought the PMBR books off someone. They’re the 2005 version however so they’re probably a little obsolete by now. It doesn’t help that there’s markings on half the book.

I also have the added complication of working full-time. I’m not even going to tell my employers about the bar exam. It’s bad enough they know I failed twice. Plus this is a one-year position and I’m going to have to end my position early to study for and take the bar, so I’m definitely not saying a word. I don’t think they’re going to be happy that I have to end work early as it is. I think I’m going to quit work 2 weeks before the bar exam so I can focus on studying the week before the bar. I can also do some studying at work before then. I have a position lined up after this one ends as well.

I refuse to give up my social life once again and I won’t allow myself to gain weight again like I did last time from not exercising and being so stressed out. I also felt really burned out the last few weeks before the bar. Screw being miserable. Maybe this isn’t the best attitude, but I’m tired of being miserable and being in my own personal hell for two months at a time.

My main focus this time will be taking a different tack in studying for the MBE. I think I will take the 3-day PMBR class that takes place in my city a week before the bar, as people have suggested that it’d be better to take the class as close as possible to the bar.

Any tips or ideas on how I can study for the MBE? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!!


One thought on “Bar exam strategy

  1. god bless you for this post!!!! i am taking the bar exam in 2 weeks–for the 2nd time–and i feel like you’re the only one who gets what i’m going through—thanks!!!!

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