Ok, so I got my scores…

I got my scores in the mail on Saturday. In Colorado you have to have a total score of 276 to pass. Last time my score was 270 – only 6 points short. The MBE counts for 50% of the total score, while the essays and MPT make up the other 50%. I had a 141 on the essay/MPT portion, and a 129 on the MBE.

I studied for months for the MBE, while I barely focused on the essays. I only started studying for the essay portion about a week and half before the bar exam.

Well, this time, after all my months of efforts studying for the MBE, my MBE was a…. drum roll…. 119! I was so pissed when I saw that. I couldn’t believe my MBE had actually dropped 10 points when I had focused so much on it for the second round of bar studying. In the meanwhile, my essay score had improved 10 points, from 141 to 151, for a grand total of… 270.

That’s right, my total bar exam score remained exactly the same!  At least I’m consistent. I just had to laugh though. Go figure that my essay would improve 10 points with so little studying, but my MBE would drop 10 with so much studying. If I would have gotten a 129 like last time, I would definitely have passed. Ugh.

At this point I should just show up for the MBE drunk. It’s not like I’m doing any good sober anyway, right? So much for my hopes of getting at least a 133 and transferring it to DC or Connecticut (another state that lets you transfer your MBE score from a prior exam). I just can’t transfer a 119. I suppose I could transfer the 129 to Connecticut since they don’t have a minimum, but I need to ensure that I actually pass the bar! I just don’t feel that a 129 is good enough to transfer.

This is seriously frustrating. Well, at least I know I have the Colorado essays down pat, so I just need to focus on the MBE. But how? I did zillions of practice MBE questions last round and look where it got me.

My close friends from law school have been great. I hadn’t heard from them after I found out bar results but apparently they had been waiting for me to contact them. I talked to two of them on Saturday night in a group conversation, and apparently they had bought me a present to cheer me up. That is so sweet of them. I thought it would be especially humiliating to have to face my law school friends after failing the bar exam twice but they were so sympathetic and supportive they actually made me feel better. They also pointed out that several of our classmates too had just failed the bar exam twice.

I was really glad that my friends didn’t lecture me either. I was waiting with claws extended for any lectures about my studying habits and so forth, but there was none of that, with one exception but I told her I didn’t really want to talk about it. If you ever have any friends that ever fail the bar exam, here’s a tip… do NOT lecture them! That is the last thing that they need.

Oh yeah, my friends also told me that while they were shopping for my present, they spotted one of our law school classmates working at Banana Republic! They tried to say hello but she avoided them and basically looked miserable. She also failed the bar exam on her first try, but just passed on her second try. They saw her the night the bar exam results came out. It’s kind of hard to believe that she would have looked so miserable when she should have been happy at passing the bar exam, but then again she IS a law school graduate working at Banana Republic. I’m definitely counting my blessings that I have legal employment, and not one that hinges on my bar exam passage either, thank goodness. Or I’d be screwed!

Reading the blogs of other people who also failed the bar exam has made me feel better as well. I also learned through reading them that there are several MBE strategy books out there, so my friends helped me pick out MBE strategy books on Amazon.com. We finally settled on the following two (2) books:

1) “Strategies and Tactics for the MBE”Amazon link
It’s a heavy book but according to the reviews it has 50 sample MBE questions per section plus a full-length MBE at the end. It also appears to be published by the Emanuel folks and judging by how helpful Emanuel outlines were in law school, hopefully this book will be just as helpful if not more so!

2) “Mastering the Multistate Bar Exam: Test-taking Strategies for Scoring High on the MBE”Amazon link
Newly published, this 148-page book talks about strategies for getting a high score on the MBE. There are no reviews but one of the blogs I came across recommended it.


13 thoughts on “Ok, so I got my scores…

  1. Hi,
    If it’s any consolation, I am a third time repeater for the California bar and am awaiting my results(May 25 at 6pm). I wanted to ask you whether the mbe score you posted was raw or scaled?
    Thanks,and keep your chin up! Some of us take a little longer to get to their ultimate goal.

  2. My MBE score of 119 was scaled. We can get score breakdowns from Colorado but they won’t let us request them until May 21, so it’s a waiting game at this point. I hope you passed the California bar exam because then you’ll be living proof that the third time IS the charm!

  3. I got a 115.8 scaled last July 2006. That equated to a 100 raw(ouch). My performance tests and essays were average to poor, so I was about 100 points off passing. As you might know, Ca has 6 essays and two performance test that count for 65% of your score, while the mbe is 35%. You have to reach the magic number of 1440 to pass, even on re-read.
    I do hope you are right about the living proof part. It’s t-minus 12 days and counting. Cruel and unusual punishment if you ask me!

  4. I can’t believe California is releasing bar results so late. I would have lost my mind by now! I have no idea what my raw MBE score was but I’m sure it couldn’t have been pretty if my scaled one was so low! I didn’t know that the MBE counts for only 35% in California, yet it’s one of the most difficult bar exams? And to think I was considering taking the bar in another state where the MBE counts for less…

  5. Yes, and we still have 11 days to go! It’s gut wrenching. I think the CA pass rate is low b/c 65% of the test is subjectively graded. I am really counting on my essays/pt’s to pull me over the line. I used Adaptibar for the mbe’s this time, so we’ll see. I will definitely use it again if I have to return in July.

  6. What did you think of AdaptiBar? I’ve looked at the website and I like that they use actual MBE questions instead of simulated questions. I also like that it’s internet-based and gives very detailed breakdowns (such as areas of Torts in need of improvement, not just the subject itself) They’re offering a $50 discount right now so I’d be really interested to hear your thoughts on AdaptiBar. Thanks!!

  7. I really liked Adaptibar and would definitely use it again if I have to go back in July. It measures your progress per subject against your peers in the state and across the country. The answer explanations are right on target. If anything got me over the line, it was the Adaptibar program. I’m tempted to start studying again now “just in case” but will likely wait until May 26th.

  8. Thanks for responding! I really like AdaptiBar so far. I looked at other online bar prep providers and AdaptiBar seems like the best one so far. It doesn’t hurt that AdaptiBar has actual released MBE questions when everyone has been telling me to practice the actual questions over and over.

  9. I called Adaptibar awhile ago when I thought I should start studying again. I believe they are integrating the most recently released NCBEX mbe’s into their selection. We’ll know in 10 days if they made the difference or not.

  10. Hi,
    I called Adaptibar awhile back when I wanted to re-subscribe. They mentioned that they just added the most recently released NCBEX questions to their selection. This has occurred since we all took the Feb 07 bar exam. fyi.

  11. I am with you, Frustrated! I failed for the second time in February. I can’t believe that I graduated from law school last May and am STILL searching for legal employment. Actually, I am searching for ANY employment. I suppose it’s back to waiting tables. Be glad that you do have legal employment!

  12. I think I might have failed the Illinois Bar (waiting for results), and I am thinking of taking the Colorado one in Feb. if I did fail. How is the employment options for a second time taker in Colorado, especially Denver??? Also, does anyone have their Barbri stuff from Colorado up for sale cause I might be interested. let me know- elder_mc@hotmail.com

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