So I finally got around to printing out the application update form from Colorado’s website to register for the July 2007 bar exam. Why do I feel like I’m signing my own death warrant as I fill out this application?

A close friend advised me to drink while doing this form, but I already drank all the alcohol we had last week after the bar results, and I’m not desperate enough to dip into the Windex… yet.

I’ve been reading several blogs about bar re-takers’ MBE strategies, and the most common one seems to be write out the explanations for each incorrect MBE practice question. I think that’s a good idea, so I’ll break out a yellow legal pad and write the rules down on the pad every time I get a wrong answer. Hopefully that helps.

Someone told me about a tutor in Colorado who specializes in re-takers. I told her I didn’t want a tutor for the essay/MPT portion since I’m all set on those, I just need to get my MBE score back to what it was the first time around at the very least! I wish Colorado would let people re-take portions of the bar exam instead of the whole thing. Some states, like Florida let you do that if you passed one part of the bar exam but failed the other part. That would be nice to be able to keep my essay/MPT score and only take the MBE in July. I’ll probably e-mail the tutor and ask about how I can improve my MBE score. I’ve always sucked at multiple choice questions, period.


2 thoughts on “Reapplying

  1. It seems like you have the right idea for studying MBE questions. I failed the bar in July 06 and just passed in Feb 07 in Arizona. In AZ, 2/3rds of the total score comes from the essays, so I decided to focus my studying on essays. However, eventhou I spent a significantly less amount of time studying MBE questions, my score was higher the second time (only 4 points higher). I did two main things differently the second time around. During my first attempt I did all of the introduction and some of the intermediate MBE problems on the BAR/BRI Study Smart Software, and two weeks before the exam I did 50 questions (From the Red PMBR book, buy it off of Ebay, don’t bother with the class)on a single subject each day.

    As for this time, I did the introduction level questions just to warm up, then focused solely on the advanced questions. The second thing I did was sit down and take the full 200 question PMBR practice exam. That PMBR practice exam and the advanced questions were much harder than 90% of the question I saw on this last (Feb) MBE. During both of these things (even the practice exam) I would write out the answer if got the question wrong or if I got it write for the wrong reason. I filled 2 and half legal pads by the time I was done. Using the study smart software is particularly helpful because it will give you the answer in between questions (and you can keep resetting it if you want to start over, which I did).
    Don’t feel like you have to go over the answers you have written out, that wastes too much time. By just writing them out then moving on, you will have learned 100% more than if you just skimmed the answer.

    When I walked out of the July MBE I felt terrible, I felt like a majority of the questions were the hardest questions I had seen (and they were). When I walked out of Feb MBE I felt much more confident eventhou I had practiced only about half the number I did in July. A lot of people will tell you that it is important to do thousands of MBE questions, and while it is important to do alot, it is not how many you do that counts but the quality of your learning. You will learn a lot more doing 800 MBE questions and writing out answers to everything you didn’t get, than you will by just completing 3000 MBE questions.

    Good luck in July! I know how hard it is to face this terrible exam after you thought you would never see it again and you have the right attitude to beat it, that means your 80% of the way there, the studying part is just mechanical now.

  2. Thanks J.T. for the advice! Congratulations on passing on your second try, you lucky duck!

    Regarding your advice, I was somewhat surprised to read that it’s better to do only 800 questions instead of 3000. That may have been what I did wrong last time around, because I was focusing on quantity over quality. I tried to shoot for 100 questions a day, which in retrospect may have been overkill. I read the explanations but I didn’t really absorb some of them. I feel better now that I’m beginning to realize that I don’t need to step up the number of MBE practice questions per day.

    I wasn’t aware that BarBri had MBE software. I only knew of MicroMash, and I bought the 2005 CD off someone but it’s kind of outdated compared to the new software since you can’t mark questions for review if you get them wrong. I’ll have to check out eBay or see if I can buy it off someone.

    Thanks again for the advice, it was very helpful and I’ll definitely be taking it to heart.

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