I just had a meeting with one of my big bosses, and he said he was sorry to hear about the bar. I guess my direct supervisor told him, although I never told anyone at work that I failed the bar again. I just said “thanks” and didn’t say anything else. I think he was probably waiting for me to say more, but I didn’t. I don’t want to talk about it at work. It’s bad enough that they know I failed twice.

Now that I’m taking it for the third time, I’m not breathing a word to anyone here becauseI don’t want them to know I’m taking it again. I’m nervous about what their reaction will be when I tell them I’m ending my one-year position 2 weeks earlier than planned. My replacement is starting in mid-August which I find surprising because they were pretty adamant about me starting work the week after the July 2006 bar exam. It seems like they’re expecting me to stay well into early August if the replacement is starting so late. Oh well, not my problem.


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