PMBR again

Several people responded to my question about whether I should take a 3-day MBE workshop. Thanks for the advice, guys! It does seem like I’d be throwing away my money if I spent a fortune to basically have someone read to me out of a book that I already have. I’ve always been the type that does better studying on my own than being spoonfed information by instructors anyway, so I think I’ll save my money and my time and skip the workshop.

I didn’t really read the Conviser materials the second time around, while I spent a lot of time last summer reading and highlighting (and even using colored tabs) the Conviser materials. Looks like I’ll need to hit the Conviser hard again. I also checked out and the sample MBE outline looks really good so I may download that ($30 fee though) and read it at work (along with the Conviser). Thanks for the tip!

I must admit I was feeling a little conflicted about taking a PMBR workshop when I learned that the PMBR founder, Bob Feinberg, was previously caught smuggling the MBE out of a bar exam. On one hand, since the NCBE found that over 100 PMBR practice MBE questions were reproductions of official questions, does that mean that PMBR’s practice questions are more realistic and accurate? On the other hand, I’ve heard that the NCBE has made the MBE even harder for us because of this. My first reaction was to paint Bob Feinberg as unethical, but even though he did it for financial gain, I do think it’s ridiculous that the NCBE is so secretive about MBE questions. They have released only 3 actual MBEs – February 1991, July 1991, and July 1998. They only recently released 100 MBE questions. I wish they would release more actual MBE questions, particularly those that they aren’t using anymore. At least throw us a bone!

By the way, I have some bar prep materials in electronic format (both MBE and Colorado essay) that I can e-mail to anyone that wants them – for free, since the bar prep providers are such ripoffs. E-mail me at and I’d be more than happy to help, especially since many of you have been so kind as to offer me advice and even materials to help me study. Thank you!!!


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