I’ve been reading and hearing about AdaptiBar, and one commenter just mentioned it, so I finally took a serious look at their website. AdaptiBar is apparently an internet-based MBE prep program using only ACTUAL MBE questions released by the NCBE, not simulated questions like BarBri’s and PMBR’s. They go further than MicroMash in that they break down your strengths and weaknesses not only by MBE subject, but also by the subtopics such as Negligence, Intentional Torts, et cetera. They even have explanations for the answers, something the released MBEs are lacking since they only have the answer keys. I think that’s pretty great.

Plus the course is $295, but they’re currently offering a $50 discount so that would bring the total cost to $245. Way cheaper than BarBri’s and PMBR’s 3-day MBE workshop. I think I should probably at least invest in something to help me with the MBE, plus it’d be great to use the computer to practice actual MBE questions instead of my printouts.


9 thoughts on “AdaptiBar

  1. In my arrogance, I didn’t think to even research the appropriate format for the MPT. I know that I missed points for my memo on formatting alone.

  2. A friend of mine used adaptibar for the NY bar and had only good things to say about the program. I remember him saying that all the questions were from the NCBE so we’re talking about the 1991 & 1998 questions, I don’t know if they have incorporated the 2006 questions into their program. However the price and breakdown of strengths & weaknesses sounds really good.

    Here’s a link from someone who used adaptibar:

  3. Thanks for the link! I’m 95% going to purchase AdaptiBar. Everything about it sounds really good to me too.

  4. Cyber janitor,
    I mentioned in a post earlier that Adaptibar has recently incorporated the most recently released questions. They have enhanced their program since we all took the Feb 07 Multistate. I would definitely choose them again, if need be, over PMBR(which I took for last July.)

  5. That’s good to know, I was just about to contact AdaptiBar to see if they had incorporated the 2006 questions yet. I haven’t committed to AdaptiBar yet. I’m 99% going to purchase it but I’m still nervous about spending that kind of money. In case you can’t tell, I am cheap!

  6. Adaptibar is much cheaper than Micromash and way more convenient than going to a three-day PMBR course. I like the fact that you can log in wherever you are; it’s a portable bar study tool. I think they give you a guided tour on the site.

  7. One more thing: I have considered buying the program at the repeater’s rate(I think it’s $50 or so cheaper for someone who used the program for a prior bar exam prep period) just because there is not much time to prepare between May 25th(ca bar results) and the July Bar. The MBE has always been my weakness and I feel uncomfortable NOT working questions. Still, it’s so hard to start studying again when you just really do not know the outcome!

  8. I did the guided tour and I really liked it. I like that I can match my MBE weaknesses to my outlines. I’m just so cheap that I’m anxious about forking over $240. I found another AdaptiBar discount for $55 and it works.

    I don’t envy you your anxiety in waiting for the CA results! I wanted to throw up in my mouth every time I thought about the bar or heard it mentioned. Have some confidence in yourself and don’t spend any money on bar prep until you find out results! If you still want to study MBE stuff now, shoot me an e-mail at and I can help you out with freebies.

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