Creating my own MBE outlines

I read on a few bar blogs that I should make my own condensed MBE outlines of 10-15 pages, so I’ve been doing that.

I just finished my Evidence outline, although it needs some streamlining. I am using the NCBE’s MBE outlines to create my own outlines, which I’m fleshing out using BarBri’s outlines. It’s been tough going because BarBri’s outline layout is so radically different from NCBE’s that I have to keep going back and forth to find the information I need to plug into NCBE’s outline. Why doesn’t BarBri just follow NCBE’s format instead of putting certain topics in completely different sections?

I’m still sloughing my way through Walton’s Strategics and Tactics for the MBE. Legis commented that the print was really hard to read. Legis is right, it’s really hard to focus on reading because I have to struggle to follow along with the tiny print. I wish they would have made the font bigger and easier to read. I finished the main section but I haven’t started on the sections for each MBE subject. I wanted to try and read a section every night but I did nothing last night. I’ll read the Evidence section tonight.


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