Nationwide MBE scores

Along with the release of the February 2007 Pennsylvania bar results came the release of nationwide MBE scores.

According to this, the national mean MBE scaled score was 136.88. The national range of MBE scaled score runs from 70.9 to 183.4. 70.9!!!! Now I don’t feel quite so bad about my 119 in February (although I wish I would’ve kept my 129 from July 2006 since I would’ve passed). I feel sorry for the person who scored a 70.9, especially if he/she finds out that he/she has the worst MBE score in the entire country. And how does someone attain a 183.4 score? Dude must have done some serious studying.

I wonder if anyone has ever gotten a perfect score on the MBE? And if that ever happened, what would the scaled score be?


6 thoughts on “Nationwide MBE scores

  1. I must be a bad person because it makes me feel better that I didn’t get the worst score in the country. Especially after submitting another $575 check to the board of law examiners.

  2. I feel your pain, I sent off that same check last week. I keep checking my bank account online to see if it’s been cashed yet so I’ll have confirmation of my impending doom. They did cash the $20 check for the detailed breakdowns and score sheets so hopefully those will arrive soon. I’m SO curious to find out where I went wrong!

  3. My first two times on this treadmill I pitiful MBE scores, but they were never a 70.9 scaled. OUCH. And I thought I did badly.

  4. I know this blog is old, but I scored at 152 MBE scaled score and still failed the Nevada exam by less than 1% point.

  5. I was the last commenter. I now (on repeat) scored a 146 on the MBE and still failed due to missing a few essays points.
    Better score, but fail is fail.

    FML (x2)

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