MBE Strategies & Tactics book

I knew my boss was going to be out for 3 hours today, so I sneaked my MBE Strategies & Tactics book into work so I could read it without getting busted. I was able to read Torts, Criminal Law, and Evidence, and I love this book! I know I’ve whined about the font, but it is even more helpful than I anticipated! It explains a lot of issues so clearly, and uses questions here and there to illustrate its explanations, in addition to the practice question sections after each MBE explanatory section. The book also contains breakdowns of what questions we can expect on the MBE which is really helpful. For instance, there are 17 Negligence questions on the MBE. There are 13-14 Criminal Procedure questions, and so forth. I wish I would have started reading the sections before starting on my outlines. Definitely get this book if you need help with the MBE.


6 thoughts on “MBE Strategies & Tactics book

  1. FBE-I just bought this book off ebay, and am awaiting its arrival. Glad you like it. Have been working with the Micromash and the Finz workbook so far. I was told the Barbri introductory and intermediate drills were too easy.
    BTW,my post should read from Calbar Blondie. I changed my name because repeater sounded too negative.
    I know, I should start my own blog now, too.

  2. I just started reading this book this week. I’m not far into it, but so far it was worth the price of admission just for the tactics for answering the questions. I might be a simple guy, but I didn’t have a strategy the first time and it showed.

  3. Re: Maybe buy Adaptibar under your “My Bar Prep” list.

    I do not recommend it. I used Adaptibar (and BarBri) for the Feb bar(my second attempt at the CA bar) and did way worse on my MBEs than the first attempt. Somethings I didn’t like:

    1. You have to be online to do questions (this is disasterous procrastination-wise).
    2. Some of their questions seemed way out of date to me (i.e. the law has changed)
    3. I got knocked off the server at various times, sometimes in the middle of answering a ?. It also knocks you off if you have been idle for 15 minutes or so. When you are checking flashcards/outlines to verify the law on a ? you missed, it’s a real pain in the ass to have to log back in and click through everything and find the question you were doing.
    4. The homepage where you log in has a giant countdown counter which always caused my throat to tighten and my blood pressure to rise. Hated that thing and there was no way around it.

    I think, after talking to some repeaters who passed, I’m sticking to the PMBR books (and maybe Barbri). Plus, my friend gave me her MBE Strategies & Tactics book, so I’ll crack that open, too.

  4. Calbar Blondie, the book is definitely very helpful. I’m planning to type out a short outline of each subject once I’m finished with the sections – I only have half of Property and then Con Law left, and then I want to do the practice questions.

    Cyberjanitor, I didn’t really have a strategy before either. I thought practicing massive quantities of MBE questions would be good, but I was wrong. I should have focused on the explanations. I’ve been typing out the explanations to every MBE practice question and it’s proven to be extremely helpful!

    E, thanks so much for the info on AdaptiBar! Your opinion was extremely helpful. After reading your and CalBarBlondie (formerly CalBarRepeater)’s comments I’m definitely not going to get AdaptiBar. That big timer on the homepage IS pretty unnerving, especially the millisecond counter. I have 3 different version of MBE software plus the questions from the MBE Strategies & Tactics book so that should be enough.

    Shelby, FYI I responded to your comment about being dismissed from law school earlier, just in case you haven’t read it yet.

  5. I thought the Strategies and Tactics book was great too….my scores during bar prep improved dramatically, but only improved a little on the actual bar. But I liked the fact that their practice questions were ones that had actually been given in the bar exam. Plus, it’s not 5 million pages long….those PMBR books, while great, are totally intimidating…..I almost threw my shoulder our carrying those bad boys around!

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