Screw AdaptiBar

After reading the comments about AdaptiBar and its shortcomings, I decided not to buy it. I have 3 different versions of MBE software, as well as the practice questions in the MBE Strategies & Tactics Book, so I probably have more than enough questions to play with. I had found a discount for $55 off the $295 AdaptiBar fee but I’ll just save the 240 bucks instead. If anyone is interested in AdaptiBar and wants the discount, the code is “CDN7”. Last time I tried it (a couple of weeks ago), the discount worked.


7 thoughts on “Screw AdaptiBar

  1. I think you made the right decision. I paid the alumni rate, which was somewhat less, but I have put it on the back burner until I exhaust my current supply. My raw score actually went DOWN from last July, and my scaled score went up(go figure), and I pretty much only used Adaptibar for February with some of the Barbri drills. My tutor has advised me that Barbri’s Intro and Intermediate questions are too easy. The Barbri staff attorney was another one who warned me against Adaptibar after using it this time.
    So, you do the balancing test and move on. Micromash and Strategies/Tactics get the highest ratings right now, it seems.

  2. I also heard bad things about AdaptiBar. I think the best are PMBR and maybe Micromash. A lot of people are recommending that.

  3. I have 3 different version of MBE software and that seems to be working best for me since I can do it at home and work, and even on my laptop on a road trip (plugged into the car), which helped when we went out of town this past weekend for a wedding.

  4. Hi guys. I just read your comments about AdaptiBar and I am a little surprised to hear them. I am on my second time using AdaptiBar and I think it is wonderful. My MBE score was low the first time, but after using it in February, my score increased 22 points! I still have a few to go before I pass, hopefully this time, but I think AdaptiBar is the reason my score finally increased. Also, of course Bar/Bri is going to warn you against the program. What did you think they would say when you ask them about the competition?

  5. Anonymous, what do you like about AdaptiBar? Did you use only AdaptiBar last time around when your MBE score increased 22 points, or did you also use other bar prep materials?

  6. I’m shocked that you don’t like adaptibar. Everybody I know of that is using it here in my city loves it.

    It’s simple to use, it provides instant feedback, the questions ARE the real things…

    What’s NOT to like about Adaptibar?

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