6 weeks left

I just realized there are now 6 weeks left until the July bar. I feel sick. It doesn’t help that I didn’t get much studying done this weekend since we had to go out of town for a wedding. However that will be the last trip before the bar exam except for traveling to Colorado for the bar. From here on out, it’s crunch time for me. I have to focus on the bar so I don’t have to take the damned thing again!!! I did manage to finish reading the Strategies & Tactics book and need to start on the questions in the book. I also want to type out some notes from the book so I can review them without having to go back through the entire book.

I’m having second thoughts about quitting my job on Friday July 13, which would give me 10 full days to study for the bar. I’m not sure if that’s enough time. I’d be curious to know how much time everyone is planning to take off from your job (if applicable) before the bar. I’m tempted to quit work on Friday July 6 but we could really use the money from the extra week since we have to live off our savings for a month and half due to the move and the fact that my new job doesn’t start until September. Also, I won’t have very much work left so I could study for the bar at work.

I swore I wouldn’t join in on the Paris Hilton debacle, but Blawgin’ recently posted that she’d “gladly trade 3 weeks of jail for 2 months of bar review hell as a repeater” and posed the question of whether anyone would be willing to do the same. I’d totally do it. I’d rather spend a few weeks in prison than take the bar exam again, and I’d survive in prison too. I’d take Ice-T’s advice: “If I was her, I would hit someone the second I got in there and go into PC, protective custody. Then she’s just got to sit in there and read some books.”

I hate to admit this, but I’m actually a little jealous of Paris Hilton right now because she has a room all to herself with no one to bother her for the next few weeks. I could get SO much studying done there!


8 thoughts on “6 weeks left

  1. Unless things change, I’m only taking off the Friday and Monday before the test. I’m short staffed at work, and while it isn’t a legal job or my future it is my present and I still need the paycheck =)

    That said, I’m playing very loose with the definition of company time vs my time during the days leading up to the exam. That won’t change at all. I just need to get all of my outlines and boilerplates completed so I don’t need a giant text on top of my desk.

  2. If I didn’t have to worry about the stigma afterwards, I would TOTALLY trade places with her! haha. That must be really frustrating to have people come and go during such a critical time. I think that’s the hard part of this exam… You have to neglect important people in your life for this exam, and just hope that they will understand, even after doing it for 2 years in a row(in my case).

  3. Ice-T’s so awesome. What great advice! =) I’m working part time until July 6, and then taking the time off to study. However, I return on the Monday after the bar, so it’s less total time off work than it is for you. Can you try and cut some expenses and/or sell things on ebay? Seriously, I’m not kidding about ebay. If you can manage to recoup the losses from that extra week off, I’d say do it. Ultimately, not passing this thing this time is going to hurt you far more financially in the future and a week is a significant period of time. Just my two cents. =)

  4. I’m also studying at work. I think I am just going to study at work during the last week of work. All of my projects will be done and I will just be killing time while getting paid – at least that’s the plan. I think I’m going to give notice next week so that will make it 3 weeks notice. If they get really pissed or dump a mountain of work on me out of spite, I may consider quitting earlier.

  5. Oooh…you should read Emily Giffin and Jane Green (I particularly liked Jemima J). Jen Lancaster is more caustic, politically incorrect writing while the former two are more like Sophia Kinsella.

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