I’m quitting on July 6!

I decided to quit work on July 6. I received a lot of great advice from my commenters, and there were also excellent points made, particularly the one about how I can’t afford to fail the bar again since it would be more expensive in the long run than losing a week’s pay. That is SO true. I took a week off last time and I failed, so I should take 2 weeks off this time. It could make the difference.

I wrote a short draft of my notice letter and kept it vague as one commenter suggested.  I’ll probably turn in the notice around noon or so on Monday and then leave to take a lunch hour so I can steel myself for the fallout.

I probably sound overly nervous and anxious about quitting, but I’m in a one-year position that ordinarily runs from early August through late July or even early August. I mentioned before that they are letting my replacement start in mid to late August instead of the normal starting date of early August, so by leaving on July 6 or 13 I would be leaving over a month’s gap between my departure and my replacement’s arrival. That gap is going to create a lot of work for other employees, particularly my supervisor who will have to take over my work, so I don’t expect that they’ll be too pleased about my early departure. However I have to do this for me. I have to do this for the bar exam and for my future. I can’t keep compromising my future just to please other people and to avoid pissing them off.


3 thoughts on “I’m quitting on July 6!

  1. Sounds like an excellent plan!

    And yes, I take my showers the night before. As much as I like the idea of showering in the morning, it would take me too long, and I like to squeeze every minute out of sleep as possible. One would think it’d be easier to sleep earlier and wake up earlier if I so wanted to shower in the morning, but…it doesn’t work that way!

  2. Go for it. You’ve got to do, what you’ve got to do. I handed my boss a memo this afternoon he asked if it was my resignation letter!

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