The time has come

I’m about to hand in my notice. Well, it’s more like I’m e-mailing the letter to my bosses because I’m too chicken to physically hand it to them. Plus I want the date and time stamp on the e-mail to cover my butt just in case. I’m attaching the letter as well as copying the text into the body of the e-mail.

I just finished cleaning out my computer, e-mail account, and desk so I’m now prepared to go out in a blaze of glory if things go horribly, horribly wrong. I don’t really want to have to quit on the spot but if the reaction is way over the line, I will. I’d also rather spare myself the excruciating awkwardness of having to clean out my desk in front of everyone.

After I send this e-mail, I’m going out for lunch right away so I can brace myself. Wish me luck…


4 thoughts on “The time has come

  1. 1. I tried to delete my cookies, but the pc at work wouldn’t let me. What do i do?

    2. Did you leave any docs in any of your folders? I’m really not sure what to do as per deleting them.

  2. Alexis, if you’re using Internet Explorer, go to “Tools” in the menu bar, then select “Internet Options”. On the “General” tab, choose “Delete Cookies”. You may also want to use “Delete Files” and “Clear History”.

    Also click on the “Content” tab and choose “AutoComplete”. Click all the options under “Use AutoComplete for” and then hit “Clear Forms” and “Clear Passwords”. Your IE should be clean as a whistle afterwards, hopefully.

    If you’re using FireFox, go to “Tools” and then select “Clear Private Data” but I’m not sure if there are other options to use since I’m not that familiar with FireFox.

    I brought a thumb drive and saved all my needed files onto the thumb drive before giving notice. I then deleted everything from my personal folder but left the work related stuff. I just copied some files (such as Study Group and Conviser) back onto my work computer from the thumb drive so I can use them to study at work until I leave.

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