Thanks guys

I want to thank my commenters for their support, as well as my family and friends! It’s so easy to feel like I’m doing the wrong thing and letting down my employer but your comments remind me that I am doing the right thing even if I feel terrible for it. I am a hard worker and I do pride myself on being reliable and producing high quality work, so I tend to be disappointed in myself if I feel that I let down an employer or someone who took a chance on me.

Also, thanks for the advice about the bar and the reasons behind my early departure. Supervisor didn’t ask about the bar and I didn’t volunteer it either. I’m pretty sure my other bosses are waiting until our next meeting to confront me about leaving early. If pressed for reasons, I will take your advice and be vague and not volunteer information. As one commenter put it, it is none of their business. If they ask me about the bar, I will say that I don’t have any definite plans to take it.

Supervisor and I called a truce after some arguing (I felt he was a little unfair in some of the things he said) and agreed to get along and work together to get things done before my departure, but it’s still awkward. I’m also working on the new version of an annual publication, and Supervisor doesn’t seem to believe that I’ll be able to finish it before I leave even though I said I would. So I want to get this project done at the very least and hopefully salvage a reference, but I’m not holding my breath on the reference part.


2 thoughts on “Thanks guys

  1. Wow-you’ve gone through a lot since I last checked in. I’ve gotta concur w/ what everyone has said so far. I did the same thing in January-I realized that it just wasn’t going to be possible to get in as much studying as I needed if I had to work & ended up leaving about 2 weeks earlier than I had planned.

    This was partly b/c as an intern, I didn’t have an office to myself, but was crammed into a tiny room w/ 5 other interns-needless to say it was a bit of a distraction-and partly b/c I was fighting a terrible infection I had developed secondarily to a spider bite & didn’t get really any studying done for about 2 weeks. (I can honestly say that I was deathly ill & not be exaggerating in the slightest)

    I was definitely panicking, & while everyone at work was very supportive, my supervisor told me that they could only allow interns to take 2 weeks off max and still keep their position open for them. Then I got sick. The most they could promise me, if I took more than 2 weeks off, was the possibility of returning after the bar, if a position was open. (thankfully, one was)

    In a situation like ours, you really need to do what you feel is right for you. After a couple of sleepless nights of debating whether I should just stay & hope I would be able to concentrate, or leave & possibly lose any chance at further employment with this office, I realized that the bar was more important & knew what I had to do. Luckily, they were all supportive when I explained the entire situation to them & told them, w/ little to no notice, that I’d be taking a month off. Even though I ended up failing, I didn’t regret my decision to take more time off and am really glad I did it.

    Like others said, you’ll feel much better about your decision to leave early once you are away from the situation. Do not feel that you are in any way to blame for what is going on-it’s pretty appalling that they would treat you this way, esp since you are leaving for personal reasons (it’s not like you’ve found a better job & are just abandoning your responsibilities w/ them).

    Hope things start looking up soon-I think you’re absolutely doing the right thing.

  2. Hi Dana,

    Thanks for dropping by again. What a bad situation for you before the February bar! You are right, the bar is more important no matter how bad the reactions of everyone else are. Everything else will seem unimportant once you’ve passed the bar. My bosses were really nice and understanding so I’m grateful for that. I’m looking forward to not working anymore so I can finally concentrate on the bar full time!

    How much time will you be taking off for the bar this time around?

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