People can surprise you sometimes

Wow, I’m pleasantly surprised. I had my meeting today with my bosses (sans Supervisor) and it went really well. They were really nice and understanding. We actually had a really great conversation and I’m so glad they are being really cool about me leaving early. They’re even going to compensate me for my unused annual leave. I guess my expectations of my bosses’ reactions were different from the actual reactions. I thought Supervisor might be upset, but not as upset as he actually was. I thought one of my bosses might chew me out, but he was the complete opposite. I didn’t think my other boss would get mad or anything like that, but he was very cool anyway. Thank goodness. This was probably the hardest part for me in having to take the bar again.

SR made it through the appendectomy all right, but it was worse than the doctors had thought and the appendectomy became major surgery instead. Not only did she have a badly ruptured appendix but they also found a mass in her abdomen. I’m not sure if they are doing a biopsy (she didn’t say) but she sounds like she will be fine. Hell, she was coherent enough to talk to me last night. I’ve had major stomach surgery myself, and I was out for two days solid so I was amazed at how well she seems to be bouncing back.

However, I take back what I said yesterday about being jealous of her appendectomy. From what SR has told me it sounds like the major surgery she ending up having was similar to the one I had, and trust me I would rather take the bar 10 more times than go through that recovery period again! That’s right people, there ARE worse things than repeating the bar, believe it or not!


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