My Study Progress

I’m still working on my condensed outlines. I have a feeling the outlines will be an ongoing process, but at least they look much better, shorter, and more concise than my first attempt at outlining the MBE subjects. Those outlines are too long and I’ve found they are basically useless. What a waste of time.

I’ve also been working on my essay boilerplates but I need to go back over the released CO essays and refine the boilerplates because right now my boilerplates from February are too general, and I want to tailor them to be more situation-specific. I hope to complete those boilerplates by the end of this coming weekend. Then the focus will be on practicing essays like crazy.

I had purchased the 2006 MBE Annotated Preview online exam subscription before the February bar, and I copied the questions and answers to keep after my subscription expired. However, at this point it seems a lot easier to just purchase the subscription again so I can practice MBE questions because it’s too time-consuming to print out the questions, print out the explanations and then try to put everything together to take the practice exam on paper, when it would be instantaneous with the online subscription.

So I’m purchasing the subscription again so I can practice online at work. There goes $26. Not like I’m going to buy anything else anyway, seeing as how we’re in the middle of getting rid of a lot of stuff in anticipation of our impending move, so I’m not allowed to buy anything new. At any rate, I’m going to do all 100 questions this afternoon, as a quasi-simulated MBE. I’m not going to kill myself on 200 questions.

Supervisor is going to be out of the office tomorrow and Friday so I’m hauling my MBE Strategies & Tactics Book into the office and working on MBE questions.

I want to try and finish the bulk of the condensed outlines, as well as the essay boilerplates, before July 1 so all of July will be devoted to practice, practice, practice!


4 thoughts on “My Study Progress

  1. Wow, sounds like you are really organized! I am totally rooting for you! The way I dealt with essays was to go through the answers in the BarBri book and write down all the points for which points were given. Then I highlited the ones that appeared most frequently. And just kept reviewing them. It saved time and energy for MBE studying (which didn’t help with my MBE skills) and worked to give me a decent essay score both times.

  2. hmmm question – what are essay boilerplates? (oh and yes – the bit where the guys beat up the printer/fax whatever is CLASS!)

  3. Actually I’m not THAT organized. I’m just trying to get my butt in gear to buckle down! I might be staying up all night at least one night this weekend to get my stuff done by the end of Sunday!

    I have done the same with the CO Essay Book. I’m concentrating on the released CO essays for now and then I’ll hit the CO essay book later once my boilerplates are done.

    Richard, boilerplates are basically a list of important points to memorize. For instance:

    1) A partnership is an association of two or more persons to operate a business for profit.

    2) No writing is required to form a partnership.

    3) Partnership property is any property acquired by the partnership.

    … and so forth. My boilerplates are lists of points that have appeared frequently on Colorado essay scoresheets. We’re fortunate enough to be able to obtain the scoresheets for the released Colorado essays.

  4. ahhh i see so it’s things you do yourself – good idea – i could do with doing something like that and then memorising them… if that works! Re: MPT outlines – I just tend to look at that task memo and then dissect it – puttin every single little question/request from it onto a new page of A4 with about 3 or 4 lines after each one – then try and put relevant bits under each heading. Just means that you do what they asked even if what you end up doing is shite like mine mostly is.

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