Last day of work

Why do they always make your last day of work a living hell? It’s like once everyone you’ve ever had contact with (both inside and outside of your office) gets wind that you’re leaving, the frantic e-mails pour in with last-minute requests by anxious people wanting you to get it done before you leave and they have to wait for your replacement. Please, what makes them think I’m that motivated these days? I’m just going to forward their requests to Supervisor at the very last minute before I leave the office for good, so by the time he gets deluged with all the forwarded e-mails I’ll be long gone. I’m not even going to go into the farewells. I hate goodbyes. I just want to leave and be done with it.


4 thoughts on “Last day of work

  1. I love it! Of course, I too, had to stay at work OVERTIME on my last day when I so desperately did not care anymore. Finally, I just shoved the paperwork into my drawer and shouted “See ya” on my way out the door…


  2. Hilarious!! I feel your pain! Luckily most people were out of work today but I sent more than enough emails informing them of the work I did not complete! I just want to focus, focus, focus for hte bar and get this behind me!! I could care less about anything else.

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