The dreams have started

As of last Friday night, the nightmares about the upcoming bar exam have started. I dreamed that I was taking the MBE but I was so restless and unfocused that I kept getting up and wandering around the room and then sitting back down at my desk to work on the MBE some more, and then got up again and so forth. Then they announced there was only 5 minutes left and I hadn’t even done half of the MBE questions for that session, so I started guessing wildly, filling in circles at random. I felt so horrible, like I knew I’d just bombed the MBE again.

These dreams always start a couple of weeks before the bar. I’ve had countless nightmares in which every single conceivable thing goes wrong with the bar exam. There was the dream that I woke up 15 minutes before the start of the bar, and the location was at least an hour away. Then there was the dream that my laptop crashed and I lost the entire essay/MPT portion of the bar and received zero credit for it. Shudder.

I’m finishing the 100-question 2006 MBE from NCBE (I had only gotten up to 21 that day I bought the subscription), and then I’m going to review the answers and type out explanations. Tomorrow I want to practice one set (9 questions) of released CO essays using the boilerplates and then take the practice full-length MBE in the MBE Strategies & Tactics book. I think that should take up most of my day.

I think I’ll need to develop a plan the night before for each day so I don’t procrastinate or get off track.


2 thoughts on “The dreams have started

  1. I haven’t had dreams that I know of, but I’ve stopped sleeping. On Saturday, I was tossing and turning and rather than wake the wife I slept on the couch at about 2am.

    This part is rough but in about 10 days, I’ll reach that fatalistic calm.

  2. Oh yes… I know the calm of which you speak of. It’s like being on death row and hours away from being executed.

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