I feel better

Ever since my last day of work, I’ve felt much less anxious than I was all last week. It seems that ever since I stopped working, my stress levels have gone WAY down and I feel much more relaxed.

I took the July 1998 MBE yesterday (and part of this morning) instead of the Strategies & Tactics MBE, which will come later. I was pleased to see that I got 136 questions correct, which translates into a 151-155 scaled score according to the 1998 scale conversion chart. Thank god. Even better, the MBE topic I did best in was… Torts. That’s right, the same Torts on which 98.8% of all February 2007 bar takers scored better than me. I was getting scared as I kept marking my answers wrong. I still suck at Contracts though. And Property as well. I probably will have to hit the outlines again but just to read over them.

This afternoon I’m going to do another set of essays. Yesterday I did the February 2007 essays, and today I’m moving on to July 2006. I’ll keep moving backwards until the 2004 essays or so, and then hit BarBri’s Colorado Essay book.  I may do the Strategies & Tactics simulated MBE on Saturday.

I’m leaving town either next Wednesday or Thursday. I haven’t solidified my plans yet. I have to drive our car to my sister’s since we need to get rid of the car and she’s buying it from us. So I may drive to her house on Wednesday or Thursday, and then study at her house (she and her fiance both work full time and are always gone so I will have the place to myself!). I will then fly to Denver out of my sister’s city early Saturday morning.

I booked a hotel room at the hotel attached to the Denver Merchandise Mart where the July bar is being held. I wish it was being held at the Denver Convention Center like in February because I liked that facility MUCH better than this one. I HATE the Merchandise Mart because it’s an inconvenient location and the area just plain sucks, not to mention the facility. The hotel I booked seems to be the only hotel even remotely close to the Merchandise Mart. At least at the Convention Center they had tons of hotels within walking distance, and in the facility itself there were huge lobby areas with tons of tables and chairs so I didn’t even have to leave the building for lunch, but at the Merchandise Mart they kick you out of the building between sessions so you have to wait outside in the heat along with the hordes of frightened sheep until they open the doors to let you back inside. Forget about trying to find someplace to eat lunch unless you sit in your car or already have a hotel room next door. I know I’m going to experience a huge sense of deja vu, having taking the July 2006 bar exam there. The upside is that I can just walk to the Merchandise Mart from the hotel, so even if I wake up 5 minutes before the start of the exam I won’t be screwed.


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