A night of bar dreams

I had several very strange bar dreams last night. In the first dream, my bar results had just arrived in the mail, and I opened it up to see that I’d passed, beating my old score of 270 by over 300 points, which isn’t even possible in Colorado. Even more weird was that I hadn’t even taken the bar yet, but I was already getting my results back?

In the second dream, they told us that the bar exam was starting TODAY, not next Tuesday as planned, so I had to scramble to get to the facility in time to take the bar. Then while I was sitting there, there was a huge power outage so the entire place went pitch black.

When I woke up this morning with the dreams still fresh in my mind, I suddenly wondered what the Colorado folks would do if there was actually a mass power outage during the bar exam. What would actually result if something happened to completely disrupt the bar exam? Would they reschedule the bar exam for us to take at a later date, or would they call the July bar a wash and make everyone take it again in February?

I’m getting way too paranoid. In exactly 7 days from now, I’ll be standing in line outside the Denver Merchandise Mart with a sinking feeling in my stomach.


2 thoughts on “A night of bar dreams

  1. Bring a flashlight. That’s what they tell us to do in NY (there are random power outages in the city in the summer, and no extra time is ever granted.)

    I think it might be fun to take the bar by flashlight, though.

    I’m clearly insane.

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