A shell of my former self

Wow, I really feel like crap. I’ve basically been existing on Baked Cheetos and Diet Mountain Dew for the last week. And now my back is absolutely killing me. It’s so stiff and sore I might have to break down and get my first-ever professional massage. I’ve always been hesitant to try it but at this point I just want relief. I’m leaving here to drive to my sister’s tomorrow, and it’s quite the drive so I bet my back will be even more sore afterwards. My plan is to study tomorrow morning and part of the early afternoon, and then hit the road. I’m flying to Colorado on Saturday and going straight to my mom’s house to hit the books as soon as I get there.

I look like hell at this point.  I’ve been living in my sweats and haven’t worn makeup in a week and half. I know I said I would make exercise and eating well more of a priority this time around but the horrid 90%-100% humidity and extreme heat here hasn’t exactly helped since I’ve been having allergy issues. Not to worry, personal hygiene remains at a high premium as it’s always been. I’m pretty OCD about cleanliness, but it’s kicked into overdrive lately. I’ve been taking showers twice a day, once in the mornings to wake up and wash my hair, and once in the afternoons/evenings because I always feel gross and greasy after a long day of studying. I seriously don’t understand how people can go several days without bathing or showering. Are there really people who do that before the bar? A shower takes 5-10 minutes max, so I don’t really get it.

I think it will actually do me good to get away from my desk for awhile, although I really don’t want to interact with society. I tried to do that on Saturday when I went to get takeout dinner and I almost ended up strangling the cashier. So it’s best if I just try to avoid all contact with human beings until after the bar.


6 thoughts on “A shell of my former self

  1. I totally hear you on the showers. I actually use grooming as an excuse to not study, and have been OCD about clean, comfortable clothes, clean hair, and smelling nice as I go to Starbucks/Borders/Library. Which I would not do if I sat at home. Sadly, since my brain is failing me, I am holding on to some semblance of looking good.

  2. Get a massage and take good care of yourself. Eating salmon is really good for your brain! Make sure you get some rest! I miss you! GOOD LUCK!

  3. I am thinking about you…..can’t wait to hear how it goes…..NOW GO KICK SOME ASS AND TAKE SOME NAMES!!

  4. Hi. Just wanted to say Good Luck. Have read your blog all these days while preparing for the Bar and have empathised with your situation and now that the time is here, I wish you Good Luck ( n to me too :d) You will be Just fine this timee… You will see !!

    Best Wishes,

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