Day One

I can’t decide if I want to vomit uncontrollably or slit my wrists. I honestly have no clue how I did today. I felt numb and disconnected all day, if that makes sense. It’s like having had an arm and leg sawed off, so by the time they get to the third limb, you’re already numb to the pain and trauma.

I can’t believe they tested Admin Law twice in a row, after not having tested it in about three years! They also tested Evidence, Constitutional Law, Criminal Procedure, Agency, CO Family Law, Federal Jurisdiction, Corporations/Contracts (not sure what was going on with that essay question to be honest), and Wills.

The MPTs were kind of difficult for me, so I’m not sure how I did. What did everyone else think of the MPTs? I’m not trying to be one of those jerks who discusses the bar exam with everyone in an attempt to psych them out – it’s just that I’ve never really gotten to discuss the bar exam with anyone before.

I’m just glad today is over with.


8 thoughts on “Day One

  1. for a second then i was like – i REALLY did wrong on that exam but then you doing a different one aintcha! They normally say first day is hardest! 🙂

  2. Dont feel bad 4 pens exploded on me in the morning session of the new york bar 1st morning and one of my essay answer booklets were not cut on the top of the answer sheets so i ripped the 3rd answer booklet in half trying to turn the pages! Can only image what kind of score i have coming to me!!!!

  3. The afternoon felt “better” than the morning, but I’m with you. I was just stunned when I saw admin law as the first essay. I went into straight brain dump mode on that last one in the afternoon… and liked the results so I went back and did it for all of them 🙂

    I liked the morning PT much more than the afternoon PT. It just felt cleaner… and then I realized that for the whole memo I wrote Black Hawk when I meant Black Eagle. Crap!

  4. Thanks for the kind words, everyone! Especially my best friends from law school, FG and MC. 🙂 I hope you guys enjoyed reading about my misery the last few weeks. 🙂

    Anonymous, how awful about the 4 pens exploding on you, I hope you had a ton of pens left! I was nervous all day and praying fervently for my laptop to please, please not crash on me. It hasn’t done that before but I’ve been lucky the last 2 times so who knows?

    CJ, yeah that was crazy they tested Admin Law again. I almost didn’t study it, telling myself that there was no way they were going to throw Admin Law in again after having tested it in February, but made myself memorize the essay boilerplate as well as do a few practice essays. Boy am I glad I did! The Corporations one really confused me though. I preferred the afternoon MPT to the morning one, I prefer the memo format to the brief format anyway.

  5. Oh one more thing CJ… so much for Crim Pro and Secured Transactions going together huh? I thought for sure they’d test Secured Transactions in the afternoon since they tested Crim Pro in the morning, but no such luck. They really are so random.

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