It’s over

Well, my third dance with the Colorado Bar Exam monster is now over. I don’t feel any relief though. I’m still numb, but I also have the overwhelming urge to put a gun in my mouth and cry myself to sleep tonight.

I feel like I failed the bar again. When time was called at the end of the afternoon MBE and the test materials were being gathered up, I had the sudden urge to cry. It probably doesn’t help that the lady in charge of administering the bar exam knows me. SHE KNOWS ME!!! You know it’s bad when not only do the proctors, but also the bar exam administrator, know you by name. One of my proctors was the same one from February, and when she saw me she came over and said “Hey FBE!” I just hope the others around me didn’t figure out it wasn’t my first time.

However, I did feel better knowing that there was at least one fellow repeater in the facility with me, Cyber Janitor. I think I spotted him but I’m not sure since he didn’t have facial hair. Was that you who approached the stage at the front to speak with the bar exam administrator during the afternoon MBE?

On the bright side, it did feel like the bar exam went more quickly this time around. I remember how the first bar exam felt like a marathon, but this time around it wasn’t agonizingly long.Ā  I can’t believe some of you have to endure a third day of the bar exam though! I’m definitely out of steam at this point.


4 thoughts on “It’s over

  1. I feel the same. I felt like I did fine last time and I failed. I feel like I did better than last time, does that mean I failed worse? Oct. 5th is a long ways away. I told the people near me that this was second time. The expressions were a mix of pity and disgust. However, they turned to fear as the days wore on and we talked about some of the questions and answers. You could just see the thought process… “I didn’t think of that, but he did? He failed it last time and he knows all of that crap? Oh shit.”

    Yep, that was me. I tore a hole into my answer sheet because of a gouge in the table. Wow, that made me start sweating. It turned out cool though, they’ll just hand grade it.

    A guy I met during Feb’s exam told me afterwards that he was worried about me for finishing so soon. This time, I barely had enough time. I’m hoping that’s a good thing. I finished my stupid MBE sections an hour early though… however, a guy near me was done about 45 minutes before me. that’s crazy.

  2. Oh man, that’s why I didn’t want to tell anyone at the bar that I was a repeater. At least you were able to use your repeater status to psych out the other bar takers! šŸ™‚ What made you decide to divulge that information anyway?

    Wow, I’m glad they were so accommodating about the hole in your scoresheet. I would have gotten scared too. Those tables were in such bad shape, lots of splinters and such. Did you have any problems with flies? I had to keep swatting away flies during the bar.

    Cool, so that was you after all! I was at the front so I had a good view of the stage.

    I finished my MBE sections with time to spare but saved the most difficult questions that I absolutely couldn’t figure out for last, so I used up the remaining time to try and figure them out.

  3. Oh it wasn’t a conscious decision or anything like that; we were just talking about random crap and it came up. I like to pretend that I don’t much care what other people think but it did make me a bit embarrassed. I got over it though.

    I didn’t try to psych anyone out! They were nice enough and I wish em the best, but I still got a bit of a jolly out of their change in expression.

    No, no flies. The only issue we had was the power failed for the 2 rows directly in front of my row. The bustle was distracting, but no where near as bad as it must have been for the people who lost power.

    I had enough time go over ever question that I couldn’t eliminate all but one answer too. I don’t know if I helped myself by doing that, but I ended up changing a few answers.

  4. It seemed to go by much quicker this time to me too, except for the afternoon part of the MBE, when I faded big-time, but managed to get through ok.

    I definitely recognized some of the proctors & the administrator, fortunately didn’t recognize me. šŸ˜‰

    How was the person sitting next to you? I was so relieved I got “stuck” w/ a great seat-mate (table-mate?). I sat down, introduced myself & at one point mentioned it was my 2nd try, he said it was his too. It was nice to have someone to commisserate w/. He said the guy he shared his table w/ in Feb shook the table so hard he had a hard time writing legibly & thanked me for not doing that. But then, being the smartass that I am, couldn’t help but turn to him at the end of the first day and say (w/ a straight face, somehow) “would you mind not shaking the table so much tomorrow?, it was really getting on my nerves.” He started to apologize in earnest, at which point I busted out laughing & told him I was joking (luckily he thought it was funny). Then right before they started the afternoon session on the 3rd day, I turned to him & said I enjoyed sitting next to him, but that I definitely did not want to see him in February. He agreed.

    I didn’t feel embarassed about telling anyone it was my 2nd time taking it-but definitely wasn’t advertising it. I was in the elevator back at the hotel after the 2nd day (after the MBE), w/ a couple of (exhausted-looking) guys when one turned to the other & said, “I don’t ever want to do that again.” I just asked,”Taking the bar?” They said yes, & mentioned something about how it really doesn’t get much better the 2nd time. They started to get that pity expression cyberjanitor was referring to, so I lightened the mood by saying, “yep, had so much fun in February, I had to do it again in July.”

    I’m really trying to not think about the results too much-November is a long way away & I’ll have a nervous breakdown if I dwell on it.

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