I’m still alive

After a long hiatus, I’m back on Blogger, albeit temporarily. I just arrived in Alaska and have been busy looking for a place to live, just because I ENJOY STRESSING MYSELF OUT AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE.

I’ve been too busy the last couple of weeks to think about those two days of hell back in July. I’m still indifferent. I’ve pretty much convinced myself that I failed again, just so I won’t get my hopes up again like I’ve done the last two times. I’m just not going to think about the bar until October, at which time I’ll start obsessing over results and checking the CO bar website incessantly.

It looks like I may have to take the Alaska bar exam in February.  Ideally I’d like to stay here for at least a couple of years, get some attorney experience under my belt, and then move back to Colorado. I would have moved to Colorado by now if I would’ve passed the damn bar in July 2006 or February 2007, but alas I had to take a paying job elsewhere to cover my butt for another year while I put myself through this recurring nightmare. I’d really like to obtain a federal job though so I can avoid ever having to take another bar exam again.


3 thoughts on “I’m still alive

  1. Glad you are back! Good luck with the job search. I interned at the Public Defender’s office and it was a terrific experience. If you have to take the bar in your new home state, could you waive in your mbe score(wishful thinking!)?

  2. I wish! Unfortunately this state won’t let you transfer the MBE or any scores, so I have to do the whole shebang all over again… ugh.

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