Two weeks left

Bar results come out on Thursday October 4. This means there are exactly two weeks left after today. It’s around this time that I seem to start obsessing about results and checking the CO bar website compulsively even though I know nothing will be posted until October 4, but I do it anyway.

I can’t imagine waiting until November to find out bar results like the California bar takers have to. Pass or fail, this is definitely the last time I’ll take the CO bar.

I do want to extend a belated congratulations to A Girl Working a Bar Exam Pole, who found out she passed the North Carolina bar in August. Hopefully this bodes well for the rest of us retakers. I have to admit I’m jealous that the NC applicants get their results so quickly!


6 thoughts on “Two weeks left

  1. i wish you the best of luck!

    i’m one of the poor californians who must wait one more month and twenty-seven days for the results . . . .

    hopefully, your frustration ends after these next two weeks pass!

  2. I’m pulling for you. I am still not sure that I ever want to take it again, especially when I think about all the anxiety it causes!

  3. Hey girl I am rooting for you too. I Was just feeling anxious about life in general and a lot of it coming from the stress of the bar result (for NY its due in Nov too) and the problems I am facing with job search.. and thought of you and others whose blog page was a major support during the Bar prep, so thought of saying hello.

    I wish you good luck and stay optimistic.. good things will happen.

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