The countdown begins…

Only 4 more days until bar results. My anxiety level is definitely seeing a sharp increase. Mostly I just feel sick. I’m convinced I’ve failed again.

Colorado did e-mail me about my application not being complete, which they didn’t do the last 2 times, but I’m not getting my hopes up just because they e-mailed me personally instead of just sending a generic letter. I’m not getting my hopes up, period. That way I won’t be so stunned and devastated if I fail again.

True to form, I’ve been obsessively checking the Colorado bar website. I KNOW the results won’t be posted until Thursday morning, but I still feel compelled to check the website several times a day. I really hate this.


2 thoughts on “The countdown begins…

  1. Is there anything in your application that has expired or something?

    I’m having a panic attack now because I haven’t gotten anything from them about my application. Maybe they are laughing too hard at how bad my score was to contact me.

  2. I’m also having panic attacks thhese past two weeks. Do you think they only review application of the people that passed? I pretty shure I am going to have a C&F interview, but they have not contacted me or my personal references, so I absolutely think failed.

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