T-Minus 57 hours and 13 minutes

I seem to inadvertently have caused a couple of people to have panic attacks. I should clarify about my application. I never finished the “Explanations” section of the CO bar application since I had to gather various documentation from different sources. I meant to turn it in after the July 2006 bar, but then I failed so I didn’t bother to finish it. February 2007 rolled around and I meant to turn the packet in, but didn’t. Failed again. By the time the July 2007 bar exam came around, I was utterly unmotivated to finish my packet. At that point, I just wanted to make sure I actually passed the damn bar first before going to all the time and trouble of gathering documentation from different states and finishing the explanations.

Colorado had sent me a couple of letters about the deficiencies, but I recently moved and didn’t receive them for awhile. They e-mailed me to tell me that my explanations were still missing and to ask if my mailing address was still valid. I finally forced myself to finish the explanations and just submitted it last week. I figure the e-mail was because of my move – either that or they’re playing a sadistic joke on me, forcing me to do all that work only to find out that I failed again. And here I was, all determined not to get my hopes up one iota. Would you really put it past the bar examiners to do something like that?

Anyway, hopefully that clears it up for those of you also waiting for CO bar results – I just hadn’t submitted my explanations until now.

On to other matters… there are exactly 2 1/2 days left until results come out and I AM FREAKING THE HELL OUT. My stomach has been clenched for several days now, and the nausea is starting to set in. I’ve felt indifferent for the past couple of months ever since I took the bar, but I’m definitely not feeling that way anymore.

I checked the CO bar website at least 4 times today. I even tried to figure out what the link to the July 2007 pass list would be, using the URL address of the February 2007 list. Alas, nothing is posted yet.


10 thoughts on “T-Minus 57 hours and 13 minutes

  1. You didn’t cause me a panic attack! I was wondering about the C&F thing for weeks now. I called them about two weeks ago and they said they just started reviewing applications!!! I found your blog cause I have bee having been worried for a good week now. This anxiety is worst for me than the bar itself; at least then I knew just to keep on studying. Good luck, at least you heard something from them.

  2. Does it reflect on our intestinal fortitude that we’re all so fright stricken?

    I told you already, I’m just jumpy that I freak out if a light bulb is out right now.

    I can’t see why they would be so anxious to get your explanation sheets if they weren’t going to invite you to the Beotcher Auditorium.

  3. Heya! We don’t know each other, but I ran across your blog.

    Yep. In the same boat. One previous (failed) attempt a couple of years ago and then gave it another shot this July.

    Going crazy. Not feeling great about it AT ALL.

    Had a series of long crazy dreams last night all related to the pending results, and I’ve checked the website, say 50 times today. For no reason.

    Haha. Nice to find you and to see that there are others out there!

    Good luck!

  4. Nappy – under what circumstances would they require a C&F interview, do you know? I live out of state and would be annoyed to have to fly to Colorado for that.

    Cyberj – I’m telling you it’s a sick, sadistic joke designed by the bar examiners to test my resolve of not getting my hopes up.

    Ebaysales – the results have been released online the Thursday before the official release date for the last several bar administrations, including the last 2 bar exams I took (and failed). They seem to post it around 10 am Colorado time on Thursday morning, judging by my past experience, sadly enough.

    Anonymous 1 and 2 – you’ll have to let me know how your results turn out!

  5. For an arrest when I was in high school. I also live out of state. Watch, if be some miracle I passed, (doubt it, I know I messed up an MPT)I will have to fly out for the professionalism course on the 8th and swearing in on the 22nd and they will probably hold my C&F interview the week in between.

    i think you passed and that is why they emailed you. But like you I’m am flipping out all day today; already have a bottle of hennessy for tonight so that I can pass out.

    Good luck.

  6. Those MPTs were harder than I expected, so you aren’t the only one worried about your MPT score. Hopefully they won’t make you do the C&F interview, especially for something that happened a long time ago.

    Good luck to you as well! Let me know your results tomorrow.

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