Just to clarify…

Several of you have asked me how I know the bar results will be released on Thursday October 4 instead of the official date of Friday October 5 that was given to us at the bar. The last two times (before July 2007) that I’ve had the unfortunate pleasure of taking the CO bar, they released results online the day (Thursday) before the official date, and also did so in previous bar administrations according to people who took the CO bar before I did.

Last time, they released the February 2007 results around 10 am Colorado time, give or take an hour. I’ve been assuming that they will release results online on the morning of Thursday October 4… at least I sure hope so. I will shoot myself if I have to wait an extra day!!!


One thought on “Just to clarify…

  1. I am anxiously waiting for your results too (since mine are a month and half away). I am rooting for you. Good luck

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