Ok so I’ve resorted to yelling at my laptop. My finger is about to fall off from pressing the “refresh” key so much. I tried the URL where July 2007 results might be posted, using the February 2007 results and nothing’s there yet, but I’ve been refreshing that too.


11 thoughts on “OK

  1. I’m starting to think they won’t post until tomorrow – watched pot and all that…

    Wouldn’t that be super?

    – L

  2. I thought the whole bar exam process was bad….this is way worse. Cheers to vomiting. If they even wait til tomorrow, I don’t know what the hell I’m going to do.

  3. Logic doesn’t really work right now. Same reason we started checking at the beginning of the week even though they told us the results wouldn’t be posted until Friday.

  4. You’re assuming that I still retain all logic… nope, all that stuff has flown out the window and I’m freaking out. I know I said around 10 am Colorado time but that was when I was still sane!

    They shouldn’t be waiting until tomorrow, especially since someone from the BLE said the online results would be released today and “to start checking first thing in the morning”… that is such a sadistic thing to tell us.

  5. Whoever is in charge of posting the results must love this day. They have so much control, it’s sick. What if they decided to come in late or stop for a cup of coffee? This is just wrong.

  6. I wouldn’t put it past them, especially if I failed the bar exam but they sent me that e-mail about my explanations anyway. That would be SO evil of them.

  7. good luck, dude. i feel your pain so, so much.

    try to just walk away and do something to take your mind off of it! don’t linger near your ‘puter! it’s dangerous shit!

    i totally feel your pain, though. 41 days until the calbar results are out. i know i will be majorly freaking out same as you when my time comes. . . .

  8. Thanks Abbagirl! Yeah, I am going to start getting ready for work, but it’s still impossible to tear myself away from the laptop.

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