Third time’s the charm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I PASSED!!!!!!! I PASSED!!!!!!! I PASSED!!!!!!! I PASSED!!!!!!!
I PASSED!!!!!!! I PASSED!!!!!!! I PASSED!!!!!!! I PASSED!!!!!!!
I PASSED!!!!!!! I PASSED!!!!!!! I PASSED!!!!!!! I PASSED!!!!!!!
I PASSED!!!!!!! I PASSED!!!!!!! I PASSED!!!!!!! I PASSED!!!!!!!
I PASSED!!!!!!! I PASSED!!!!!!! I PASSED!!!!!!! I PASSED!!!!!!!
I PASSED!!!!!!! I PASSED!!!!!!! I PASSED!!!!!!! I PASSED!!!!!!!
I PASSED!!!!!!! I PASSED!!!!!!! I PASSED!!!!!!! I PASSED!!!!!!!
I PASSED!!!!!!! I PASSED!!!!!!! I PASSED!!!!!!! I PASSED!!!!!!!

Hopefully the rest of my readers did!!!!

God, I can’t believe how hard I’m crying… I can’t believe I finally did it, after so long and so much heartbreak and tears… I FINALLY PASSED…. it’s so unreal to see my name on the results list…


39 thoughts on “Third time’s the charm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
    Me too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    – Lisa

    P.S. I thought might heart might actually explode!

  2. THAT’S AWESOME!!!! God, I thought I was going to die on the spot when I hit refresh for the millionth time and saw they had finally posted the results! I still can’t believe I passed…

  3. congratulations to you 🙂
    i’ve been following your anxieties as i’ve been dealing with my own while waiting. i passed too! congrats again.

  4. I keep checking the results too!! In fact I may print it out and frigging frame it!!!

    I still can’t freaking believe I passed!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Congratulations to everyone!!!!!!!!!

  5. I can’t stop giggling. Haha. Seriously. I know we don’t know one another but right now you feel like my best friend. HAVE A GREAT DAY!!!!!!

    – Lisa

  6. Lisa, I know what you mean, I feel exactly the same way!!! I was sobbing hysterically when I called my dad, but now I can’t stop cackling exactly like I’d envisaged the bar examiners doing this morning!

    Ohmygod, I have to be at work in 25 minutes and I’m not even halfway ready! Have a great day too, and congratulations again!

  7. Y-E-S-S-S!!!!! I passed too!!!! Congratulations everyone. I stared at the list for a full 10 minutes in disbelief and checked the header about 10 times to make sure it said it was the PASS list. Time for a beer!

  8. Woohoo!!!! It seems like all my readers that took the CO bar also passed!!!!!!!

    Wow, I feel like I’m drunk and everyone is my best friend in the whole world.

    It’s still so weird to keep opening the results website and seeing my name on there, like I’ve dreamed about for SO long…

  9. I don’t know you, but I found your website (and blawgirl’s) a few weeks ago searching for Colorado Bar Exam bloggers, and have been checking it periodically ever since… anyway… CONGRATS!! I passed too. WOOHOO!!!


  11. alright, so my name wasn’t on the list, of course . . . and now i went to find it again, and it isn’t there. WHAT THE F??????
    ess in Colo . . .

  12. I think I have gone crazy!! Besides talking to everyone, I have left the results page up and still keep looking at my name in disbelief every 10 minutes!!!!! Frustrated, I’ll see you on the 22nd!!!!!! Congrats again

  13. Did anyone get any letters/correspondence from the bar following up on their applications- does this mean that by now if we passed the bar and did not receive any further correspondence from the bar that we will be admitted? Just a bit worried because I’m coming from out of state

  14. Nappy,

    I hear ya!

    I even sent the link to my family without telling them anything – my thinking being that if I had *imagined* my name on the list they would write back with condolences. Haha. HOW CRAZY IS THAT?!?!?

    – Lisa

    P.S. Congrats to all

  15. Congratsssssssssssss. You deserve it. I am soo happy for you. My heart almost skipped a beat when I opened your blog page to check if you have passed. 🙂

    Many Many congrats and have a rocking life ahead.

  16. YAY!!!!!! Congratulations, FBE, that evil journey is finally over!

    Congrats to all the CO passers! You all got me a little misty-eyed!

  17. Congrats FBE. I just failed unfortunately. This was my first go at it and frankly I don’t know what I did wrong. I studied all the stuff they tell you to, dedicated 10 solid weeks to it, and still came up short. After failing and then passing did you figure something out that you did differently? I am at a loss for words right now.

  18. lisa:

    I did the same thing. I emailed it to everyone too!!! I have been on the phone for hours talking to everyone that my phone died. This is honestly the best feeling in the world!!! Congrats to everyone.

  19. congratulations, FBE!! you so kick ass!

    everyone else who passed, you get my massive congratulations, too!

    to those who didn’t — chin up! it’s a total bastard of a test! just take it again and don’t let it get you down!

    either way, it’s time for you all to get completely shit-faced! you deserve it!

  20. FBE:

    Read your comment from the older post. I hope I don’t have to take a C&F interview, crap happened 9 years ago. I just finished scheduling my fllight out there this weekend to take the course on professionalism. Like an idiot I did not take it the day after the bar exam, I thought they would give the course and ceremony in the same week. I am calling them tomorrow to check about my interview. According to the rules, they are suppose to send a certified letter 15 days before your interview and since I have to be sworn in on the 22nd because of I took the exam. I think I would have to get the letter by tomorrow if I had to take an interview!!!!I have my finger crossed. But since I passed, I could careless about an interview, I know I can pass that too!!!

    Keep that good karma coming! First Bar Exam Pole girl, now you!!!
    I knew it, and have faith that hard work pays off!
    Please let us know your “winning” mbe score if your state discloses it!
    Very very best wishes to you!

  22. To the last anonymous poster who didn’t pass the CO bar exam, I did figure out what I did wrong after each failure, and I think I might have it figured it out but I need to wait for the scores to arrive in the mail. I have no idea how I did on the MBE, MPT, and essays but once I get the scores I will have a better idea of what strategies worked for me.

    I’m sorry you didn’t receive good news. It really, really sucks to fail the bar exam. Too many of us have been there. The bar exam is pure BS and has nothing to do with what kind of lawyer you will be. If you want to talk about it personally, you can e-mail me at Same goes for Ess in Colorado.

  23. I passed too (first time)! I got my scores today–I passed by 5 points!! WHEW is all I have to say!!! Congrats to everyone else!!!

  24. Congratulations Counselor!! So glad to see you made it-that’s so awesome! I wasn’t so lucky-I’m 0 for 2 w/ the Texas Bar. Hopefully third time will be a charm for me too.

    I’ve got my fingers crossed that you pass Feb 08 bar on the first try. Hope you plan on continuing the blog-even though you’re no longer a “frustrated bar examinee”-you’re a licensed attorney!!!

    Congrats again-and thanks for helping me get through my 2nd try & giving me faith to go for it a 3rd time.


  25. Dana, man I’m sorry to hear your news. I was hoping you would receive good news too. Are you going to try again in February? At least you know it’s proven that third time is the charm, right?

  26. Yep-trying again in Feb. We only get 5 tries here in Texas, so I’m praying 3rd time is a charm for me too. You have definitely given me hope that it can (and WILL) happen.

    One thing that’s making this awful news even worse is that Sunday (11/11) is the 1st anniversary of Prof. Weigel’s death. This is making me miss him even more than I already did (which I didn’t think was possible) b/c I need to talk to him so badly-I desperately need his advice & guidance. At the same time, I’m glad he’s not here to see me fail, again b/c I can’t help but feel that I’ve disappointed him (even though I know that’s not true-he always said that my ability to persevere in the face of failure was a quality he admired in me). I want to make him proud & beat the damn thing in February.

    I was so thrilled to read you made it & that has helped me pick myself up, dust myself off & fill out that damn reapplication to try again. Congratulations again.


  27. Dana, I’m terribly sorry to hear your news. I completely understand how you must be feeling, especially in regard to your professor. I seriously doubt he would be disappointed in you – he’d be impressed that you aren’t giving up and are trying again. I contacted my mentor the day I found out I’d finally passed, and she was so excited! She was really sweet, and I know your professor would have been the same way. I’m so glad you are going to go back and try again. I think that really separates us from a lot of people – we don’t give up no matter what. Most people don’t have that kind of resilience and determination. I will still be posting on this blog as I prepare for February’s bar along with you!

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