What a day

Wow, so many comments from so many people congratulating me on passing the bar! I had no idea that so many people were reading my blog regularly, and I am so touched at how many people are genuinely happy for me, especially the ones that didn’t pass but extended their congratulations to me anyway. Thank you!

I hadn’t told anyone at work that I was waiting for bar results (why tempt fate?), but I told my boss and he actually had an office party for me this afternoon! He ended up sending an e-mail to everyone in my workplace and they all congratulated me! I got bombarded by e-mails all day, and my dad and stepmom even sent huge flowers for me at the office!

I’m still stunned that I finally passed the Colorado bar, especially after checking the posted statistics on the CO bar website. Only 28% of all repeaters passed the CO bar this time around – 36 people to be exact. That really sucks that the repeater pass rate is so low. I know I had to really struggle to keep the historically low pass rates for repeaters from psyching me out.

I’m sorry to hear that at least 2 of my readers didn’t pass the CO bar exam. I’ve been asked about my study strategies for the July 2007 bar which I’m more than willing to share, but I do want to wait for my scores to arrive in the mail first. I have no idea what finally pushed me over the edge – the essays or the MBE? I’m really curious to find out my scores! They came on Saturday last time but we are going out of town this weekend so I probably won’t get it until Sunday or Monday. I’ll definitely post my scores on here though.

Anyway, once I know my scores, I’ll know more about which study strategies worked for me. However, a large chunk of my strategy actually came from my readers who were kind enough to contribute advice in the early days of my July 2007 prep, and you should be able to find some of the advice by reading the older posts for now. I couldn’t have passed the bar if it hadn’t been for my readers and commenters, so thank you!!!!!

I’ll be watching for the New York, New Jersey, and California bar results!!


6 thoughts on “What a day

  1. I will be sooooo encouraged if the MBE put you over the top. I will just bet it did. I’m excited to hear your numbers, and appreciate your willingness to share.
    I know how hard you worked, and how dark some of those days seemed between May and today. Even though I don’t know you or even your real first name, I’m very happy for one of the newest lawyers in Colorado tonight!!

    Can’t sign in for some reason but just wanted to say CONGRATS Ms. Esquire!! I am so thrilled for you. I cannot imagine how happy you must be!

    I’ve been rooting for you through the entire journey and it thrills me to see our little community of supporters here getting their happy news. Keep the good news coming!

  3. Thanks guys! I really hope the MBE put me over the top too. I’m nervous about what my MBE score was because I am likely taking another state’s bar exam and I’d like to know if my MBE strategy worked so I can use it again next time.

    I’m HUGELY relieved but I’m still nervous about CA, NY, and NJ bar results for you guys!

  4. Congratulations!

    I failed the PA bar for the second time. The first time (Feb) I missed it by a few points and I have yet to see my score report for this past July. The MBE is killing me – 123 scaled on Feb.

    I’m anxious to read what you did differently (study materials, answering questions differently, etc). So please keep us updated.

  5. Congratulations!!!!!!
    You got what you deserved, now you are a real lawyer; it did not come out of the blue, it was the result of your hard work and your strong will; you defeated odds and statistics; great for you; now you gotta tell us about what made the difference; I did not pass but hopefully I will make it next time. All the best in your new life. Cheers!

  6. Thank you so much for the kind words!! I will definitely share my study strategies with all of you – I just need to find my scores first because I don’t want to give you advice on studying for the MBE, and then find out that my MBE score was still not so great. Hopefully I will be able to tell you tomorrow night, depending on the contents of my mailbox! 🙂

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