My scores

My scores finally arrived in the mail today. Here goes:

MBE – 139
(129 in July 2006, 119 in February 2007)

Essays/PT – 156
(141 in July 2006, 151 in February 2007)

I raised my old score by 25 points for a total score of 295, 19 points above the passing score of 276. I’m glad to learn that I passed by a good margin, and didn’t scrape by with only 1 point above the passing score or something.

Now I can write a post about my MBE study strategy although 139 isn’t exactly earthshattering, especially if one of my readers got a 152 on the MBE and still failed the Colorado Bar Exam (unbelievable, by the way). It’ll be a long post, so it may take me awhile.


15 thoughts on “My scores

  1. For some reason, I can’t find my old scores. I think I failed by 18 points or something before. I didn’t pass by one point but I didn’t pass by as many as I suspected I would either. Oh well, a pass is a pass and that is all that matters. πŸ™‚

  2. Did you do better on the essays/PT or on the MBE this time around? You’re right that scores don’t matter as long as we passed though!

  3. Freaky. I think I got the _exact_ same MBE scores in July 2006 and Feb 07. Interesting how yours jumped around by 10s.

  4. I improved my MBE by a couple of points and my essays by about 25 points. I’m working from memory but I think I remember correctly.

    I’d like to review my successful attempt, but, since it’s mutually exclusive, I’ll taking passing instead! πŸ™‚

  5. I just checked in for the first time in quite a while and was VERY HAPPY to see the news! Congratulations! Hard work does indeed pay off!

    Well done!

    Now go sue somebody! (;-)>

  6. FBE, I got a 143 on my MBE and a 155 on my essays (298 total). I wasn’t worried about writing essays at first. I focused a lot on my MBE prep because I got a whopping 99 raw on my practice MBE with Bar/Bri. Scared the crap out of me. About two weeks before the exam I started to freak about the essays, so I went through every essay in the Bar/Bri book and made flash cards out of what they tested on the check list. That saved me. Had I not done that – I likely would have failed miserably. Congrats again.

  7. Blawgirl, I did the same basically the same thing for the essays. Two weeks before the exam after every subject studied, I would outline 2-3 essays. However, I paid close attention to checklist to see what they were looking for. I ended up with a 152 on the essays. MBE, I got a 157. I have no clue how??? But I used PMBR, timed myself, and did roughly 25-a-day 6-days-a-week. MPT, I also have no clue how I did well on since I felt I bombed one of them. Hope this may help future takers.

  8. I’m glad to see you can raise your MBE 10 points . . . that’s what I need. I look forward to your post. –ess in colo

  9. Hey just thought I’d let you know I passed the TN. bar. I was the guy who posted earlier about sitting concurrently and failing CO. At least I can start my career.

  10. Please do not forget to let us know about your stragegy; those who failed (myself included) are looking forward to it. Cheers,


  11. Thanks everyone for the kind comments! Congratulations to those of you who passed (especially CO/TN guy – what a relief!).

    To those of you in CA, NY, and NJ – I’m still holding my breath for your results!

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