I know, I know, I’ve been remiss in posting. It’s been a really busy month and I haven’t had the chance to sit down and write out everything on how I studied for the bar. It doesn’t help that is blocked on my work computer so I can’t access my blog until I get home at night, at which time I’m usually not in the mood to use the computer. But never fear, those posts are forthcoming!

I’m starting to gear up for the February 2008 bar. I hate the idea of having to take yet another bar exam after I’ve already (and finally!) passed one, but I hate the idea of moving again even more. We love our new home state and want to stay here as long as we can, so I have to take the bar exam here if I want to snag an attorney job here. Lucky me.

I haven’t been sworn in yet because I couldn’t travel to Colorado for the ceremony. It’s kind of funny how I was so obsessively focused on that one goal of passing the bar, and now that I’ve achieved that goal I feel lost, like I don’t know what I’m supposed to do now. I don’t even have a clue about my CLE requirements. I’m waiting for Colorado to mail me a packet with the paperwork I need to complete my swearing-in. I just want to get this process over with so I can officially be an attorney. I still feel like a fraud when I try to refer to myself as an attorney, and I suspect that won’t change even after I’ve been sworn in.


4 thoughts on “Sorry

  1. Is CO letting you swear in by affidavit? I’m out of state too, and I’d rather not fly back to CO if I can avoid it.

  2. You are not a fraud, FBE! In CA, anyone who passed and who lives out of state can be sworn in by affidavit/notary. I cannot imagine you would have to travel back to CO to be sworn.

  3. Anonymous, CO let me get sworn in by affidavit but it was a pain. At least it’s over with! You can find the information for getting sworn in at the Colorado BLE’s website (look for “Attorney Registration”).

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