No such luck

So I’ve been trying to get a copy of my MBE breakdowns so I can see how well I did on each MBE topic. I contacted NCBE to ask how I could obtain those breakdowns, and they told me they only release the scaled score, and to contact Colorado. So I contacted Colorado, and they told me that they are no longer releasing MBE breakdowns as requested by NCBE, who had told them to have us contact NCBE instead. I feel like I’m getting the runaround now. Hopefully I hear something new from NCBE tomorrow but somehow I doubt it. Oh well, I’ll just keep hyperfocusing on Torts and Contracts MBE practice questions since those have been my worst subjects on the MBE.

In other news, I’ve finally been sworn in, and the paperwork is en route to Colorado right now. I’ll call them in several days to get my attorney number. Then I guess that’s it?

I promised myself I’d post at least one post on my bar prep strategies tonight, so here goes…


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