8 weeks left

I just realized there are exactly 8 weeks left until the bar exam. I just vomited in my mouth. This really sucks having to go through this recurring nightmare yet again, it’s like having those law school dreams where you’re one class short or have to take a final exam in a class you haven’t been to all semester, even though you’ve already graduated. That’s how I feel about taking the bar exam again even though I’ve already passed. Why do I continue to torture myself like this?

I need to once again download the countdown timer onto my laptop screen like I did for July 2007.


2 thoughts on “8 weeks left

  1. why add to your obvious self-imposed stress by putting the timer on your desktop?

    i enjoy your blog, but you’re making me nervous, and i’ve failed, hmmm, some number of times more than you.

    i’ve spent so much money on my previous 8 attempts i should probably just give up, but, i’m pondering buying the book you’ve recommended. question: is there really some incremental knowledge to be gained from it (over barbri and pmbr)?

  2. You know, you have an excellent point. I know when I go to other blogs where they’ve posted timers, it makes my blood pressure rise to see how many days are left. I probably won’t put the timer on until say, two weeks before the bar exam because that seemed to help keep me motivated during crunch time.

    I apologize for making you nervous! It really isn’t my intention to make my readers more stressed or nervous.

    And no, you shouldn’t give up. Have you considered changing your strategy, or even changing states to take the bar in an easier state? I’ve noticed there are tons of federal attorney jobs in Denver.

    If using those Emanuels outlines in law school helped you, you’d probably benefit from using the S&T book. It includes a LOT of practice MBE questions, mostly from actual released MBE questions, and even better it gives explanations for each answer, which is something you wouldn’t get if you bought the released MBEs from NCBEX.

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