Just to clarify

I most likely wouldn’t be posting the desktop timer on my laptop until about 2-3 weeks before the bar exam because it seemed to help motivate me during crunch time, but I probably wouldn’t advocate posting a timer any sooner. When I go visit certain blogs that have timers posted on their blogs, it makes my blood pressure rise like nothing else, so I can only imagine it has the same effect on many of my readers.

I went swimming today over lunch hour. I’ve been fortunate enough to find not one, but three fellow avid summers (and attorneys!) who I’ve been swimming with the last several months, so I always have someone to go swimming with over lunch hour. It really helps motivate me to exercise and get in shape, and it will help ensure that I continue exercising through the next couple of months. In past bar exam administrations, I would resolve to exercise but then the stress and panic would get to me and I’d stop exercising, so I inevitably gained a few pounds from sitting around and stress eating. So of course I’d feel worse.

It really helps having swimming buddies to go with because if I’ve made plans to meet them at a specific time, I can’t just blow them off like I could blow off swimming if I was on my own. If I make plans, it guarantees that I’ll go. All 3 of my swimming buddies recently went out of town for the holidays, and I went swimming only once in 2 weeks. I was surprised at how crappy I felt, so I’ve definitely resolved not to let that happen again, especially not in the dwindling weeks before the bar.


3 thoughts on “Just to clarify

  1. FBE – thanks for your reply to previous and for your continuing efforts here. You are an inspiration and I’ll continue to follow you. Good job on the swimming — physical fitness is just as important as studying IMHO.

    I’ll probably give the S&T book a try.

    My story: married with 3 kids, dedicated father and husband, full time fairly demanding career; bad law school (and bad student!) finished in 1999; 8 or 9 (can’t honestly remember) failed Colorado attempts; BARBRI repeater – both in-class and homestudy; self-discipline not very strong — not willing to miss kids’ and wife’s activities to spend requisite time on bar prep; tried once to take 3 weeks off work for strong prep and, like you, repeated previous score (mine was 268); very interested in practicing if i can ever get the license; weak on MBE but overall just below average (138 MBE and 130 Essay on Feb2007 with worst essays being MBE subjects).

    Have noticed on several previous attempts, including Feb2007, that I peaked too early — totally kicked ass on the BARBRI national practice exam at the end of January, and then my practice results headed downhill from there. This happened on two previous attempts too. I don’t know if that is psychological or some chemical defect in my little brain.

    Yes, I’d like to change my prep strategy but only within the constraints of being able to spend 4-7am and 8-11pm daily (Friday nights excepted). Have not previously tried the tactic of writing out the black letter law on missed MBE questions – I like that and will do it.

    You’re awesome and your future may be as a novelist like Grisham rather than toiling in an office.

    Happy New Year!

  2. I think the S&T book would be helpful to you since your study time is limited. However, 6 hours daily sounds like plenty of time to study if you are efficient. Yes, definitely try writing out the black letter law/explanations behind each practice MBE questions. The S&T book is especially good for that; it has over 550 practice MBE questions and explanations for almost every single answer to each question.

    Thanks for the kind words by the way! It’s funny you mentioned Grisham because growing up I wanted to be a writer, got my Bachelors in Creative Writing and even went to grad school for it but I left after the first year due to circumstances. I’ve thought about going back to finish that masters but after law school I’ve pretty much sworn off all future educational pursuits. 🙂

  3. I agree with CSA; our FBE is one heck of a writer! Listen to what she says for bar prep, too. It makes total sense..I’m following it for CA (repeater) prep right now.

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