Slogging along

I’ve been working on mostly essays today as well as working through the MBE practice questions in the S&T book. I’m probably going to do the simulated MBE in the book later this week. I’m so sick of looking at MBE questions though. This is the first night I’ve been able to stay up really late to study thanks to my old friend Diet Mountain Dew. I tried to swear off caffeine this time around, but I ended up falling asleep early the last several nights, so I caved in and bought a 12-pack of Diet Dew. I’m usually a night owl anyway, and I seem to focus better at night than early in the morning.

I really wish this state would have scoresheets like Colorado does, but nooo I have to write analytical essays. So I have no idea how I will do essay-wise but I’ve been focusing on MBE a lot so hopefully it doesn’t blow up in my face.

I’m planning to do some more S&T MBE questions tomorrow as well as review my MBE and state essay topic outlines to refresh my memory. I really need to memorize the hearsay exceptions requiring unavailability, and the hearsay exceptions where unavailability isn’t required. I always forget which exceptions require the declarant to be unavailable. I need to make flashcards or something.


3 thoughts on “Slogging along

  1. I’m in the repeater boat. It sucks ass. Though I’m not a blogger, I stumbled across yours a few weeks ago in a sleepless fit of nervous anxiety during which I swore I was the only person in the history of the earth that failed the bar. Thanks for your words – in them I found some solace. Since then, every time I freak out, I crawl back, read some more, and remind myself that I can still do this. Thanks for that.

  2. I have found your blog to be soooo helpful. I am living in Windsor and feeling soooo remote from everything. I am desparate to find a study buddy for the July 2008 exam. What do you suggest? How can I find someone out here to study with? I am licensed in another state and moved here about 1.5 years ago. When I passed the bar in the other state I had just graduated and had a partner to study with. Not being in school (or near one) and new in the area, I don’t know how to go about finding a bar-taking friend. Any help would be appreciated. Hope the shoulder’s healing!

  3. Notanesq, I hope you received good news!

    Citygirl, if you e-mail me I can try to hook you up with another repeater study buddy. You could also try posting on Craigslist, or posting on one of my latest posts asking for a study buddy, along with your e-mail address – maybe someone else in the same boat as you will shoot you an e-mail. I know the feeling of remoteness while studying in the bar – I never resided in CO while studying for the bar all 3 attempts there, and it sucks, but perhaps at the very least an e-mail buddy would help?

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