I want!

This will be my last post before the bar exam.  Kick ass everyone!!!

I want this t-shirt!!!


7 thoughts on “I want!

  1. yes Hillary is the only choice for a democrat to win this year; I just don’t get the Obama phenom; if Obama wins the nomination McCain will win the Election. :(((

  2. Today’s Colorado essay topics were:
    Crim Pro
    Property (landlord tenant)

    The MPTs were pretty straightforward memos to partner.

    Good luck to all. I take that back. Bad luck to half of you — I need to just be average. Please.

  3. FBE has been somewhat elusive about which jurisdiction to which she is gaining admittance with the current exam, but since she hasn’t written yet, I’m assuming she’s still testing today (Thur) and therefore it is some place with a 3 day test.

    Happily finished in Colorado yesterday…. SuperficialAnswerMan

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