For the 4th time, it’s over

One reader just commented that he/she figured that my bar exam must have been a 3-day one instead of a 2-day exam like Colorado because I hadn’t posted yet. He/she is correct. I just finished the bar exam, yet again. I want to cry and throw up. I really don’t think I did well enough to pass. It had nothing to do with my study methods though, so don’t freak out. I was tired and felt burned out. It didn’t help that I’m not sure if I’ll stay in this state permanently. I’ve been thinking about moving back to Colorado or even Texas (where I used to live and where my family still lives). Don’t even ask me about the Texas bar exam. Anyway, this was my fourth bar exam in a row, so perhaps a break is long overdue. I got sleepy in the morning sessions but took naps between the morning and afternoon sessions so I felt better during the afternoon sessions. I also fell asleep around 7 pm last night and conked out until this morning.

It never gets easier each time I’ve taken the bar exam. I still feel nauseous and just bad after finishing. I remember when I took the CO bar for the very first time, I was excited and relieved when it was finally over. No more. I’ve tasted the bitter tang of failure and there’s no going back to that virgin bar exam, not even in another state. Either way, I will NOT be taking ANY bar exams this summer. I want to actually enjoy the summer for the first time in three years. Actually, considering I took summer classes all through law school, more like 5 years. Wow, that’s depressing.

Sorry if I sound pessimistic. The bar exam still sucks, even if you’ve already passed in another state. At least if I failed this one, I still have Colorado to fall back on, right? More later… but at least it’s over!!!


5 thoughts on “For the 4th time, it’s over

  1. Hi FBE,
    You are already an attorney either way you slice it! It sounds like you have many options in front of you to consider. You’re licensed in at least one jurisdiction and that’s a big advantage right up front. Rest up…exhausted here as well,

  2. great blog. just took the texas bar exam, nervous about the texas essays. if you hear of anybody doing the whole postmortem on those (i.e. providing possible answers), shoot them my way if you have a second ( i’d be interested to hear what people said.

  3. You are absolutely right to be pessimistic. You deserve to be tired! ENJOY THIS SUMMER, for once! I would have enjoyed my summer last summer a bit more (you know, I got married and all) but for the fact that I was broke and didn’t know if or when the creditors would start coming after me. You don’t have that hanging over your head, so take a break already! You’ve passed in one state, so you can get a Federal job anywhere! YAY! You deserve to chill.

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