Oh yeah

I forgot to mention that I just found out I have to have surgery on my shoulder in TWO WEEKS. I just KNOW they’ll release bar results while I’m in surgery, and when I wake up in the recovery room someone’s going to tell me that I failed the bar. At least I’d be under the influence of mass quantities of drugs, right?

I feel like I’ve sort of jinxed myself now that I’ve accepted the public defender job offer. I guess they assume I’ll pass this bar since I passed Colorado, but I didn’t exactly let it slip that it took me three tries to pass Colorado. I’m still applying for federal attorney jobs in this state “just in case” because I DO NOT want to take the bar again this summer, or anytime soon for that matter. I would rather bail on the PD job and take a federal job than endure a fifth straight bar exam this summer.


One thought on “Oh yeah

  1. Good luck on the surgery. I hope you did pass the bar. I know how painful it is to retake… all too well. I would love nothing more than to pass one bar (doesn’t matter which) and get a federal attorney job so that I won’t have to keep taking bars over and over.

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