Oh my gosh

I decided to look at the Colorado Supreme Court’s website to see when Colorado bar results would be released because I have at least one friend who’s waiting for CO results, not to mention that I seem to have quite a few CO bar takers reading my blog. May 1st?!?!?! Wow, that’s much earlier than previous years. I see they claim results won’t be posted earlier than 10:00 am. BS. In my unfortunately vast experience, they seem to always say that, but then post results first thing in the morning.

I don’t know the names of many of my readers, but when results come out, will you please let me know how it turned out for you? Especially those of you that I sent my bar prep materials to. I would also like to know if my materials and/or suggestions helped. I think I’m going to eventually post most of my materials (at least those that won’t get me sued by BarBri or something) on this blog but I’d like to know if they actually worked for others first.


2 thoughts on “Oh my gosh

  1. Hey FBE, you sent me your cheat sheets, and I passed! I don’t know my scores yet, but I will keep you posted…

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