I don’t believe this

I finally found out when the release date is here, and it just happens to fall on the day of my surgery! So I’ll be busy being sliced and diced when results are posted. Then I’m stuck at home for two weeks afterwards recovering from surgery, so if I fail, I get to spend two weeks savoring the failure.

This just confirms what I’ve always believed: that bar examiners truly are sadists.


3 thoughts on “I don’t believe this

  1. Well maybe the bright side is that you will be drugged up on pain killers so the anticipation part is taken care of!

  2. results are already published. i am going to wait until bed time to check. i’ve had n prior disappointments, so i don’t want to ruin the rest of my afternoon.


  3. I would give anything to be unavailable the day of results. It almost breaks the mold and the monotony of those last hours of the wait. Things will work out in your favor.
    CA’s release date is Fri. May 16th. It’s May 1st tomorrow and suddenly this all feels very imminent.

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