So Colorado posted its results today instead of tomorrow, what a surprise. Heck, I’m amazed they posted their results in April instead of May. Congratulations to those of you who passed!!!! For those of you who may not have received good news today, don’t give up hope yet. Your scores have yet to arrive in the mail, and there’s still the chance that your score could have been close enough for you to appeal it (it seems like the majority of people who appeal their scores eventually pass, at least from what I’ve heard), or your MBE score could be high enough to be able to transfer it to another jurisdiction such as DC (if you attain a MBE score above a specific number, you can transfer your MBE score to DC and only have to take the essay exam).

I’ll post some of my bar materials on here sometime soon. It seems they were helpful to at least a couple of people, so hopefully they will prove just as helpful to those of you gearing up for July.


2 thoughts on “Surprise

  1. I am one of the folks who read your blog and passed the Feb 08 bar. I truly believe it was your advice and cheat sheets that made it all happen. When I get my scores in the mail I’ll hopefully know which section helped me to jump the hurdle and defintley pass that on to you.

    Thank you so much for everything and I wish you all the best and future sucess.


  2. Hi Kim, I’m so glad to hear that my materials helped! Have you received your scores yet? I’m curious to hear which portion (essay or MBE) you did better in!

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