1.5 years later

I apologize for not having updated this blog in a year and half.  I’ve been a public defender attorney for the last two years, a job that has kept me incredibly busy with many long hours.  I love it anyway!

I just checked my FBE e-mail account (which I hadn’t checked in many moons) and I’m embarrassed to say that there are quite a few e-mails that have gone unanswered for too long.  I’ll do my best to clean up my inbox and respond to e-mails but because there are 195 unread e-mails, it might take me a while.  Not to mention that some e-mails might already be “moot”.  Sorry about that.

I had previously attempted to post my MBE outlines to this blog but when I tried to convert them for uploading, the formatting got messed up so I put aside that effort with the intention to fix the problem later.  Obviously I’ve procrastinated on that.  But I’ve converted everything to PDF format and posted them on the Materials page, so they’re available for downloading and you don’t have to e-mail me to get them anymore. My essay boilerplates and MBE outlines have not been updated since 2007 or early 2008 so be warned that they might be out of date and you should verify them yourself.


2 thoughts on “1.5 years later

  1. I am glad that the past two years have been good to you. In the intervening time I have passed the a bar exam and have been admitted! I am still not working as I am still studying for the NY bar exam, but once that’s over I’m looking for work once again… in a lousy economy. Looking on the internet for bar exam advice I see so much more information and materials up for free now than there was when I first started taking this exam. People are so much more generous now where before they had been incredibly stingy. If I had known half the things I know now I probably would have had a better chance of passing the first couple times out. This has been a real struggle and the journey is almost over, thank God. Now the even longer journey toward getting an actual legal job begins. I wonder if I’m even hireable at this point. Anyway, I am glad you are doing well and practicing law. I had actually been wondering how things were working out for you; glad to know it’s working out great! God bless

  2. Congratulations on passing! I’ve read several of your posts and I know what you went though. It’s a tough right for everyone but you came out on the right side. I hope you make the most of it.

    Feel free to check out my blog, where I have a lot of information on the California bar. If you like it, I would love having it linked on your site. Take care!



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