11th hour MBE

Someone asked me if it was too late to order the Strategies & Tactics for the MBE book with only 9 days left until the MBE. Instead of wasting precious time searching for the book at a local bookstore or library, I’d suggest using the MBE online practice exams offered by NCBE. You can order them online and start practicing questions right away. They use actual released MBE questions and my past experience was that they also explain answer choices – why they’re correct or incorrect. I took the first MBE online exam when I took the MBE over two years ago, and it was extremely helpful. They’ve since then released the second practice exam. So if you’re scrambling at the last minute, order those exams, practice the questions, and THOROUGHLY review the answer explanations.


One thought on “11th hour MBE

  1. I’ve commented on here before. I feel obligated to come back and give you thanks. I was able to pass my state’s bar exam on the 3rd try. Your documentation of your experience was instrumental in providing me with inspiration and letting me know my situation is not uniqe and nor was I alone. Thank you so much. I wish you the best of luck in your career and may you be blessed for all the help you have provided to others with your account of your bar exam experiences.

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