Uniform Bar Examination

I just logged into the FBE e-mail account for the first time in a very long time to discover hundreds of e-mails.  I used to have the FBE account set up to forward e-mails to my personal e-mail account but somehow the forwarding function stopped a long time ago and I never got around to fixing the issue.  I’m really sorry for not responding to e-mails in the last couple of years.  A lot of the e-mails asked for the materials that I used to pass the Colorado Bar Exam in 2007.  I had long ago posted the materials under the “Materials” tab above, and have not e-mailed them out in years.  You can still find them there.  HOWEVER, these materials are now OUTDATED because Colorado has switched to the Uniform Bar Examination, which consists of the MBE, MPT, and MEE.  A coworker and I just had a conversation today about her upcoming attempt to pass the Colorado Bar Exam in July 2013.  She’s licensed in another state and we work for the federal government, so that’s how she is able to practice here without her Colorado bar license.  I’ll post the same advice here that I just gave to her.  If I had to take the Uniform Bar Examination in July, this is what I would do:


  • Buy all the released MEE exams and practice, practice, PRACTICE! Type out the model essay answers too after you finish writing your practice essays – don’t just read the model answers, go “oh okay” and then move on to the next question.  That constitutes passive learning instead of actively studying and learning the material by practicing the exams and typing out the model answers.
  • Try to buy an used copy of BarBri’s Conviser outlines such as this one.  I really liked the Conviser outlines because they were short enough that I could type them out as my own outlines and it wouldn’t take forever.  Plus, I could organize the outlines in the best format that worked for me.  You could also buy the full version of Barbri’s multistate outlines such as this one.  Try Craigslist, Amazon, et cetera.  I wouldn’t buy outlines older than a couple of years.  For example, since it’s 2013, I wouldn’t buy outlines older than the 2012 version.  The 2011 version might work as well.  Maybe.  Also, If I were taking the bar exam again today, I would buy both versions – the Conviser and the full outline – and rely primarily on the Conviser while using the full outlines as a backup in case I had a hard time with a particular subject.  However, if money and time were an issue, I would buy only the Conviser outlines.


  • Buy the online practice exams from NCBE.  Type out the answer explanations behind each answer choice for each practice question so that you’ll understand why certain answers are wrong while others are correct.  Type them out, write them out, say them out loud, whatever.  Don’t just read and then move on because then it won’t really sink into your brain and you won’t remember them the next time you come across a similar question.
  • Buy the Strategies and Tactics for the MBE books – this one and this one.  Practice the exams, type or write out the answer explanations, same as the above paragraph.
  • I would study and use the Conviser outlines (or the outlines you made using the Conviser outlines) for this one as well.


  • Buy two or three MPT exams and take them.  If you don’t feel good about your performance on these, buy one more exam at a time until you feel comfortable with it.

These are merely just suggestions of what I would do if I were taking the Uniform Bar Examination in July.  This is not a guarantee that you will pass the bar exam if you follow my suggestions, so don’t hold me to it.  I am an active learner and don’t do well with sitting in a classroom being spoon-fed information.  That is why I typed out outlines and answer explanations, and also practiced exam questions over and over again.  I hope this helps.


One thought on “Uniform Bar Examination

  1. I passed the exam after the 3rd try. But I received emails from ur site still and left the same comment at your site! It was helpful to know there were people before me who failed the exam and English was their first language. Homa

    Date: Mon, 13 May 2013 22:09:32 +0000 To: homa_azad@hotmail.com

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